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Rawhide - The Complete First Season (1959)

The First season of Rawhide was rated 28 out of the best 30 TV shows according to the Nielsen Rating (The Nielsen Rating is the percent of all TV-equipped homes tuned to the program on an average night, as measured by Nielsen Media Research). The show continued to climb even higher and reached its peak on the 1960-1961 season ranking 6th among the best 30 TV shows getting 27.5% of viewers.

The First season consisted of 23 episodes and they are as follows:
01- Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon - Aired 1/9/1959
02- Incident at Alabaster Plain - Aired 1/16/1959
03- Incident with an Excutioner - Aired 1/23/1959
04- Incident of the Widowed Dove - Aired 1/30/1959
05- Incident on the Edge of Madness - Aired 2/6/1959
06- Incident of the Power and the Plow - Aired 2/13/1959
07- Incident at Barker Springs - Aired 2/20/1959
08- Incident West of Lano - Aired 2/27/1959
09- Incident of the Town in Terror - Aired 3/4/1959
10- Incident of the Golden Calf - Aired 3/13/1959
11- Incident of the Coyote Weed - Aired 3/20/1959
12- Incident of the Cubasco - Aired 4/3/1959
13- Incident of the Curious Street - Aired 4/10/1959
14- Incident of the Dog Days - Aired 4/17/1959
15- Incident of the Calico Gun - Aired 4/24/1959
16- Incident of the Misplaced Indians - Aired 5/1/1959
17- Incident of Fear in the Streets - Aired 5/8/1959
18- Incident Below the Brazos - Aired 5/15/1959
19- Incident of the Dry Drive - Aired 5/22/1959
20- Incident of the Judas Trap - Aired 6/5/1959
21- Incident in No Man's Land - Aired 6/12/1959
22- Incident of a Burst of Evil - Aired 6/26/1959
23- Incident of the Roman Candles - Aired 7/10/1959

I hope all 8 seasons will be released shortly after this season.
Thank you for reading my review and have a nice day :)

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Rawhide - Season Two, Vols. 1 & 2 (1959)

This 2 pack is an outstanding value and is a dream come true! Thank you Paramount! The series is outstanding and details of the old west are staggering. Gil will stagger you and Rowdy is amazing!
New episodes are finally available! I'm overjoyed that Paramount is continuing the series The episode "Incident at Red River Station" in this set alone is worth the price of the entire boxed set many, many times over. I'd pay a lot more than what they are charging for Rawhide, the finest of the Silver Screen Westerns.

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Rawhide: Season Three, Vol. 1

The greatest western there has ever been or will ever be is Rawhide!
Outstanding western series! Keep them coming Paramount! We are loving it! It's true that Gil and Rowdy rule and Rawhide is #1!

episodes from the first half of Season 3
Season 3, Episode 1: Incident at Rojo Canyon
Season 3, Episode 2: Incident of the Challenge
Season 3, Episode 3: Incident at Dragoon Crossing
Season 3, Episode 4: Incident of the Night Visitor
Season 3, Episode 5: Incident of the Slavemaster
Season 3, Episode 6: Incident on the Road to Yesterday
Season 3, Episode 7: Incident at Superstition Prairie
Season 3, Episode 8: Incident at Poco Tiempo
Season 3, Episode 9: Incident of the Captive
Season 3, Episode 10: Incident of the Buffalo Soldier
Season 3, Episode 11: Incident of the Broken Word
Season 3, Episode 12: Incident at the Top of the World
Season 3, Episode 13: Incident Near the Promised Land
Season 3, Episode 14: Incident of the Big Blowout
Season 3, Episode 15: Incident of the Fish Out of Water

All episdoes are outstanding!

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Rawhide - Season Three, Vol. 2

"Itís always something," says grizzled cook Wishbone (Paul Brinegar) at one point to trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) after yet another crisis stalls their cattle drive. In the episode "Incident at Rojo Canyon," itís a band of Confederate soldiers still fighting the Civil War. In "Incident of the Promised Land," itís a bank scare and an embittered widow who strand the men without any money. But Rawhide was always more about character than cattle, blending gritty western action with compelling human drama.

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Rawhide - Seasons 1-3

Fans of Rawhide have been without the series for decades, with the exception of some reruns now and again, the series has been referred to as the lost series and has been completely out of reach. Parmount has put together what was once only a dream! Completely remastered picture qualtiy and uncut episodes. These episodes have never been seen uncut due to ever longer commercials eating into the show on television. Seasons 1-3 in a complete offering and is a dream come true. This is great for the whole family! Thank you Paramount!
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