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Rescue Me Television Series DVDs Starring Denis Leary


Rescue Me - Season One

Dennis Leary snarls as naturally as most actors smile. Leary's trademark ferocity and fearlessness drive Rescue Me, a series about a team of firemen struggling with their wives and lovers in post-9/11 New York City. Tommy Gavin (Leary, No Cure for Cancer, The Ref) is the guy everyone confides in, the heart of the firehouse--but he's also an active alcoholic who rages about his wife Janet (Andrea Roth) leaving him, a man guilt-ridden and literally haunted by all the people he blames himself for failing to save.

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Rescue Me - Season Two

Rescue Me is a wake up call for every man who (as a kid) dreamed about becoming a fireman and every woman who fantasized about being with one. As flawed and complicated as they are selfless and heroic, the fire fighters in this FX series are a compelling lot. They deal with infidelity, drug addiction, and sexual abuse on a daily basis and make it seem like old hat. But the characters are so well thought out that they almost always make viewers care about what's developing in their lives. This second season surpasses the debut year in terms of story lines and pacing.

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Rescue Me - Season Three

In Rescue Me's most controversial season, Tommy Gavin's demons really turn up the heat on the seriously damaged New York firefighter. Glavin (Emmy-nominee Denis Leary in searing performances throughout) is wracked with grief over the tragic death of his son and struggles to deal with his estrangement from his wife, Janet (a superb Andrea Roth).

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Rescue Me - Season Four

Is firefighter and "heroic S.O.B." Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) becoming, as one character so delicately puts it, "pussified?" As the fourth season begins, Tommy is listening to Dr. Laura and watching Oprah. He awkwardly and clumsily avoids the aggressive crazy-hot volunteer woman firefighter (Jennifer Esposito) who saved his life in the beach-house fire of which he has no memory; an act that has left him, shall we say, with a limp hose.