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Home Improvement  Television Series DVDs
Home Improvement Forum

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Home Improvement - Season 1

There's no more reliable engine for comedy than the differences between men and women; Home Improvement puts that topic front and center. Launched from the stand-up comedy of Tim Allen (The Santa Clause, the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story), this sturdy sitcom rests on the endearing, befuddled machismo of Tim Taylor (Allen), the host of a how-to-build-stuff show called Tool Time, who finds raising three sons and being a supportive husband isn't always as easy as sanding down a door frame.

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Home Improvement - Season 2

Someday someone's going to write an academic thesis titled, "The Guy Behind the Fence: Home Improvement and Tim Allen's Deconstruction of Manliness." You wouldn't think masculinity was a rich enough topic to provide fodder for 25 episodes of a sitcom--let alone eight years of one--yet in almost every episode Wilson (Earl Hindman), the never-fully-seen neighbor of TV host Tim Taylor (Allen), spins out some new bit of earthy wisdom (fondly parodying the homilies of Iron John author Robert Bly), which gives Tim some skewed perspective on his latest domestic muddle.

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Home Improvement - Season 3

In its third season, Home Improvement settled into a comfortable and hugely popular groove. Tim Taylor (Tim Allen, The Santa Clause, the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story) banters fondly with his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson, Ulee's Gold) at home, snipes at his assistant Al (Richard Karn, Sex and the Teenage Mind) on his TV show Tool Time, and discusses manly troubles with his philosophical neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman), while his three sons (Taran Noah Smith, Zachary Ty Bryan, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who was the voice of the young Simba in The Lion King) run amok.

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Home Improvement - Season 4

In the fourth season of Home Improvement, the Taylor family faces some important milestones. Tim (Tim Allen) turns 40. Jill (Patricia Richardson) is laid off from work and pursues her master's degree. And youngest son Mark (Taran Noah Smith) slowly begins to outgrow precocious middle brother Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). (Oldest sibling Brad, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, remains pretty much the same confident kid he always was.)

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Home Improvement -Season 5

Comedy Superstar Tim Allen returns as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor in Season Five of the Emmy(R) Award-winning hit comedy HOME IMPROVEMENT. Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Season Five with some of the most memorable episodes ever, along with exclusive insights from Emmy(R) Award nominated star Patricia Richardson. Join the Taylor family, along with neighbor Wilson and Tim's faithful sidekick Al for 26 hilarious episodes. The laughs are in full gear in Season Five as Tim lets an honorary degree go to his head, Jill's success in school leads her to begin doling out psychiatric "help," and Tim must make a stand when his new boss tries to replace Al. Complete with hilarious bonus features, this 3-disc set is a must-own for any HOME IMPROVEMENT fan.

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Home Improvement - Season 6

Get ready for some high-octane humor in the hilarious sixth season of the Emmy® Award-winning HOME IMPROVEMENT. Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson return in the classic sitcom about friends tools and the "power" of family. This year Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor pulls out all the stops as he attempts to break Bob Vila's steamroller record and things at home get out of hand when Jill's wild sisters visit to plan their parents' 50th anniversary. Laugh along with every unforgettable moment in this 3-disc set including all 25 episodes and exclusive all-new Season 6 bloopers. It's a must-own collection for every HOME IMPROVEMENT fan.Bonus Feature(s):All-New Season 6 BloopersRun Time: 598 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: TV-PG UPC: 786936719529 Manufacturer No: 5286203

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Home Improvement - Season 7

Product Description
Emmy Award®-nominated actors Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson are back for more "powerful" family fun in the hilarious seventh season of the critically acclaimed sitcom Home Improvement. It’s a year to remember as Tim’s quest for more power blacks out a Thanksgiving football game, and Brad floors his parents with a wedding announcement. The biggest surprise is yet to come, how¬ever, as Tim considers walking away from Tool Time. Experience every fall-down-funny moment with TV’s most accident-prone host in this sensational 3-disc set, including all 25 episodes and never-before-seen bonus features. With great guest stars, including Dan Aykroyd and Grant Hill, this is a must-own collection for every Home Improvement fan.

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Home Improvement - Season 8

In its eighth and final season, classic sitcom Home Improvement holds up pretty well. Sure, plenty of recurring bits have gone stale--one imagines that star Tim Allen is looking forward to the day when he'll never have to grunt again, and hiding the face of neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman) seems more like an obligatory chore than an entertaining game--but when the show focuses on the sitcom bedrock of marriage and family, it's not only still funny but sometimes even moving.