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Gilligan's Island DVDs

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Gilligan's Island- Complete DVD

Studio: Turner Hm Entertainm Release Date: 11/13/2007

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Gilligan's Island- Season One DVD

Despite critical barbs as sharp as a Maroobi spear, Gilligan's Island has proven unsinkable. Its first season was 1964's top-rated show. The expository theme song is one of television's most quoted, and its characters--the Skipper (Alan Hale Jr.), first mate Gilligan (Bob Denver), the millionaire (Jim Backus) and his wife (Natalie Schaefer), a movie star (Tina Louise), "and the rest" (Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells, as the Professor and Mary Ann, wouldn't get their opening credit props until season two)--are pop culture icons.

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Gilligan's Island- Season Two DVD
Forget about a three-hour tour--Gilligan's Island fans can sit right back and enjoy all 32 episodes of the much-loved television comedy and even a few extras with this three-disc set. GI aficionados will probably argue which episode deserves to be called the best in the series' three-year history until the end of time, but few will disagree that its sophomore season (1965-66) contains some of its funniest and best-remembered episodes. For starters, season 2 marks the show's debut in color, as well as the first time the Professor (Russell Johnson) and Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) were mentioned in the opening theme song (all of this occurs in the season opener, "Gilligan's Mother-in-Law"). But it also includes such classic episodes as "Hi Fi Gilligan" (Gilligan picks up radio signals in his mouth), "Don't Bug the Mosquitos" (faux Brit rockers land on the island), "Mine Hero" (a WWII mine washes up on the beach), "Meet The Meteor" (space debris makes the castaways age prematurely), and "The Friendly Physician" (a mad scientist's experiments cause the castaways to swap bodies), all of which have lost none of their laughs or pure entertainment value. The supplemental features, though slight, include an introduction by Johnson and series creator Sherwood Schwartz, as well as commentary by Schwartz on his favorite episode, "The Little Dictator." --Paul Gaita

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Gilligan's Island- Season Three DVD

Though Gilligan and his fellow castaways will remain forever marooned in syndication, the series' network run actually did come to an end in 1967 after a three-year run and 98 episodes. The final 30--which for Gilligan fanatics, include many of the show's best--are compiled in this three-disc set, along with input from creator Sherwood Schwartz.