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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Episode Guide

The following is a list of the 151 episodes (and two movies) of the television show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Season 1 (1993): 18 episodes
Season 2 (1993-1994): 27 episodes
Season 3 (1994-1995): 30 episodes
Season 4 (1995-1996): 28 episodes
Season 5 (1996-1997): 26 episodes
Season 6 (1997-1998): 22 episodes
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie: Revolutions (1999)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within (2001)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season One
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season Two
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season Three
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season Four
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season Five
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Complete Season Six

Season 1: 1993

# Title Original Airdate Disc
1-2 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Pilot) January 1, 1993 Disc 1
Michaela "Mike" Quinn, of Boston, followed in her father's footsteps by becoming a doctor. Dr. Mike worked side by side her father. But his sudden death caused her the loss of, not only her best friend, but the loss of their medical practice. The lack of job opportunities for women doctors lead Michaela to answer an ad for a doctor in Colorado territory. Michaela left her fancy home in the city of Boston for the western town, Colorado Springs. When she arrives in town she is met with mockery, for they expected a male doctor. She is befriended by Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd) and becomes good friends with her. Charlotte and Dr. Quinn become close friends and when Charlotte is bitten by a rattle snake, she leaves her three children Matthew (Chad Allen), Colleen (Erika Flores, later Jessica Bowman) and Brian (Shawn Toovey) for Dr. Mike to look after. As the town continues to mock Michaela for expecting to be the town doctor, she meets Sully, a white man "turned" Native American who lets her live in his old house. Michaela continued to certify her doctoring abilities to the town and slowly she became accepted by some townsfolk.
3 Epidemic January 2, 1993 Disc 1
Horror mounts when a flu epidemic attacks Colorado Springs. Dr. Mike must attend the sick townspeople and protect others from getting the deadly disease. But being a lady doctor has people questioning whether she can handle the fatal epidemic.
4 The Visitor January 9, 1993 Disc 1
Mike's estranged mother (Jane Wyman) visits, but she and Mike are still miles apart. Meanwhile, Robert E is injured in a fire.
5 Law of the Land January 16, 1993 Disc 2
A gunslinger (Johnny Cash) arrives looking for a quiet town in which to hang 'em up, but Colorado Springs is itching to lynch an immigrant (Christopher Keene Kelly) for cattle rustling to feed his starving family.
6 The Healing January 23, 1993 Disc 2
A bitter Loren, who blames Sully for his daughter's death, tries to repossess Dr. Mike's cabin when he learns he still owns the deed.
7 Father's Day January 30, 1993 Disc 2
As Dr. Quinn is trying to persuade the townspeople that smallpox vaccinations are necessary, the father of Brain, Colleen, and Matthew arrives, causing trouble among the siblings as Matthew is suspicious of the father who abandoned them years ago and will not see his younger siblings hurt. Dr. Mike and Sully will have to ensure that Colleen and Brian don't get hurt as Ethan Cooper's actions could reflect poorly on the young Cooper children.
8 Bad Water February 6, 1993 Disc 2
When several townspeople come down with mercury poisoning, Dr. Mike forces a reluctant Sully to guide her to the high mountain stream which may be the source of the problem. The trek is difficult for her, but she ultimately earns Sully's respect and gratitude after saving his life twice despite a broken wrist. Just as they confirm that the water is being polluted by a local mine owner whose mining process is dumping mercury into the stream, they are captured by his men. In the interim, worried townsfolk send out an inept posse to try to locate Sully and Dr. Mike. Olive backs Grace's new venture--Grace's Cafe. In the end, Dr. Mike saves the day by curing the mine owner's son, who has fallen victim to the poisoned water, and convincing the owner to close the mine.
9 The Great American Medicine Show February 13, 1993 Disc 3
Dr. Mike tries to heal the soul of Doc Eli Jackson, a Civil War surgeon turned medicine-show huckster. With the aid of a drunken Indian (Franklin, aka "Chief Sick No More") and his boy, Doc Eli touts an all-curing elixir supposedly developed by the Kickapoo. Dr. Mike doesn't trust the sales pitch of this exploitative showman, especially when she faces a real medical crisis involving Myra. She must help Doc Eli confront his demons before he can help her remove an ovarian cyst from Myra. Meanwhile, Sully's on a similar mission to convince Franklin, a disillusioned Cheyenne and massacre survivor, to join his own people in their continuing fight for survival. Myra and Horace get engaged.
10 A Cowboy's Lullaby February 20, 1993 Disc 3
Dr. Mike takes in Red McCall, a down-and-out cowboy, and his ailing "half-breed" infant boy. McCall reaches the end of his rope, so he abandons the baby with Dr. Mike, robs Loren's store, and flees. Dr. Mike tries to find a home for the baby, but the potential parents prove unwilling or unsuitable. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of its owner, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack. Her horse is frightened off and she's trapped in the cabin until Sully shows up looking for her. They narrowly escape being the rabid bear's next victims. After returning to town, Dr. Mike decides she'd rather raise the child herself than turn him over to an orphanage. But Sully locates Red and convinces him to keep the child.
11 Running Ghost February 27, 1993 Disc 3
Sully ends up badly beaten and partially paralyzed after a run-in with buffalo hunters whom a railroad has hired to clear the herds and Indians out of the planned train path. As Dr. Mike, Cloud Dancing, and the kids fight to help Sully regain the use of his legs, a con man passing himself off as the railroad's advance man is swindling the townsfolk out of the deeds to their properties. As Sully recovers, Dr. Mike unmasks the con man's plan and saves the town. When Sully confronts the buffalo hunters, a mystical white buffalo ("Running Ghost") appears to avenge the animals' deaths.
12 The Prisoner March 13, 1993 Disc 3
After ambushing Black Kettle's camp, General Custer enters the town carrying wounded soldiers and Indian prisoners, including Cloud Dancing, whom Custer threatens to kill if Dr. Mike doesn't treat his men first. Dr. Mike treats Cloud Dancing's broken arm while he's shackled in the livery after Custer's interrogation. After Custer hauls Cloud Dancing before a firing squad that fires blanks, Dr. Mike and Sully engineer Cloud Dancing's escape. Meanwhile, Olive organizes a hurdy-gurdy dance, recruiting girls from the immigrant camp and a reluctant Loren, Horace, and Jake for the band. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dance tickets, then shyly confesses that he doesn't know how to dance.
13 Happy Birthday March 27, 1993 Disc 4
After a patient of Dr. Mike's dies of blood poisoning, she accuses Jake, the barber, of infecting the man with his dirty razor. Her accusation throws Jake into an alcoholic binge. Dr. Mike tries in vain to pull him out of it, but finally realizes he must be the one to want to stop drinking. She gives him something to live for by pointing out his many friends in town, including her. Meanwhile, Mike's children try to help her deal with her loneliness on her 35th birthday by conspiring to find her a proper suitor before her surprise party.
14 Rite of Passage April 10, 1993 Disc 4
Episode summary Matthew and Michaela are at odds over his future when he sets out to prove to others--and to himself--that he is a grown man ready to take on life, and decides to marry Ingrid. Frustrated by her overprotectiveness and his desire for independence, Matthew undertakes a "vision quest," a Cheyenne ceremony in which a man searches for direction. Michaela, knowing he is spending four days and nights without food and water in the wilderness, worries that his quest to discover his manhood may cost him his life. Chuck Bowman directed from a script by Sara Davidson.
15 Heroes May 1, 1993 Disc 4
Colleen develops a teenage crush on Sully after he pulls her out of the path of a runaway wagon. Imagining herself as a damsel in distress and Sully as her knight in shining armor, she purposely sets out to get lost in the woods hoping Sully will rescue her. A freak cold snap blows up and she almost freezes to death before Sully and Dr. Mike find her. Dr. Mike works hard to save Colleen's badly frostbitten hands, and Sully ultimately has a heart-to- heart talk with Colleen. Meanwhile, racial tensions in town reach a boiling point when Hank accuses Grace of food poisoning which is later proved false when Dr. Mike discovers Hank has been eating meat infected with trichinosis.
16 The Operation May 8, 1993 Disc 4
While Brian and Sully are out hiking, Brian climbs a tree and jumps out before Sully can stop him. Brian lands hard, hitting his head. Mike, angry with Sully for not watching Brian more carefully, is relieved to find no signs of injury. Later, the townsfolk argue over who will build the new schoolhouse, Matthew wants Robert E included, but, in the end Jake and Loren are tapped for the job. Brian begins to exhibit symptoms of compression, which escalate to blindness and later, coma. A specialist can't be found and Mike must perform a dangerous brain operation while Jake and Grace assist. Meanwhile, the town, including Robert E, pulls together to build the schoolhouse. Brian awakens and wanders out to the new school where Mike and the family find him, overjoyed that he can see again
17 The Secret May 15, 1993 Disc 5
When Mike and Sully stop to check on old Mrs. Johnson, they discover her dead and a young boy, Zack, hidden in the closet. Mike takes the child in and confronts the townsfolk, who reluctantly admit to knowing the boy's mother was one of Hank's whores. When she died they sent Zack to Mrs. Johnson because he was "simple." Mike is frustrated in her attempts to find a medical diagnosis and cure for Zack's condition. Mike's further detective work reveals that Hank is Zack's father, and she helps Hank own up to his responsibility. Meanwhile, Brian seems to be the only one to get the boy to exhibit his artistic abilities, and he is mistakenly given credit for a drawing that Zack has done. Later, when Zack's artistic talent is discovered, Hank agrees to send him to an art school in Denver. The show has a cute opening scene of Mike and Sully with him criticizing her driving.
18 Portraits May 22, 1993 Disc 5
David Watkins, a civil war photographer arrives in Colorado Springs. Dr. Mike diagnoses David's diabetes and is frustrated that he refuses treatment and will ultimately go blind. David suggests taking a portrait of the town and an argument ensues over who will be in it. When the camera equipment is destroyed, the whole town must pull together to create a camera and take the photo before David's eyesight fails. At the same time, Mrs. Bing, Horace's mother, is brought to town, seriously ill. Mrs. Bing disapproves of Myra until she learns how much they love each other, and on her deathbed bestows her blessing on their marriage.

Season 2: 1993-1994

# Title Original Airdate Disc
19 The Race September 25, 1993 Disc 1
An episode revolving around gender roles, Dr. Mike wants to run her horse, but is not allowed; Brian cooks an unusual pie, despite being told boys don't cook.
20 Sanctuary October 2, 1993 Disc 1
Loren's sister-in-law and first love Dorothy leaves her abusive husband and is treated by Dr. Mike, only for her husband to end up dead after the next beating. Dorothy stands trial for his murder, and asks Michaela to be her lawyer. In the local tribe, Cloud Dancing's wife objects to him taking a second wife thanks to Dr Mike's influence. Cloud Dancing struggles between duty to the tribe and his personal feelings.
21 Halloween October 30, 1993 Disc 1
The ghost of Abigail haunts Dr. Mike. Brian misses his mother who always made him his Halloween costumes.
22 The Incident November 6, 1993 Disc 1
Jake accidentally kills an Indian while hunting for deer. Horace is shot and is intimidated into covering up the truth. Tensions between the Natives and the townspeople mount as gossip surrounding the incident runs wild. Dog Soldiers attack an innocent family, upsetting both sides. When Jake won't come peacefully, he is kidnapped -- Sully goes to negotiate his release and is shockingly thrown off the reservation. Horace's conscience finally gets the best of him under Myra's pressure and he admits the truth to her and Dr. Mike. Dorothy chastises Loren for his lies, but realizes she must print a retraction immediately and feels bad for printing untruths. Despite being beaten by the Dog Soldiers, Jake tries to blame Horace. Sully finally makes him tell the truth, and attempts to defend the townspeople against Cloud Dancing, which ends in a fistfight Michaela must break up. Myra offers to send a wire, but fearful of what the army will do Brian and Colleen cut the telegraph wires. Back at the trial, when war is suggested Sully declares he must be killed first. The council decides not to go to war, but Jake must make reparations towards the family of Little Eagle, the brave that was killed.
23 Saving Souls November 13, 1993 Disc 2
Sister Ruth, a traveling faith healer, comes to town. Horace's gout is "healed" but Dr. Mike is not impressed. Johnny Cash returns to reprise his role as Kid Cole. Robert E. fumbles through a proposal to Grace, and she joyfully accepts. When Ruby enters the saloon, Cole defends her and the evangelical healer is clearly sweet on her. Ingrid's asthma almost kills her thanks to the faith healer convincing the immigrants to toss their medicine. Grace chooses Dr. Mike has her maid of honour, while Sully is chosen to be Robert E.'s best man. The preacher argues against marrying the two in the church because he is concerned what the congregation will think. Sully is lost as to what to buy for a wedding gift, but Michaela saves him by suggesting they buy a bible together. Kid is punched in the chest and needs emergency surgery to drain fluid off his lungs, after which Ruth tries to convince the gunslinger of her feelings, admitting her love and receiving a kiss. The episode ends with Grace and Robert E. getting married before the parish in the church.
24-25 Where the Heart Is (Parts 1 & 2) November 20, 1993 Disc 2
Dr. Quinn's mother, Elizabeth, falls ill and she is called to Boston. Without thinking, Mr. Mike takes our her stress and worry on the children. Sully reveals how his parents died. One of the sisters, Marjorie, is disdainful of both the children and Dr. Mike's insistence on seeing their ailing mother. Mrs. Quinn has two physicians: one is older and believes women should not be doctors while the other is much younger, smitten with Michaela, and believes she has the cure. Dr. Mike ends up curing her mother and earning Dr. Burke's esteem. In the meantime, Sully dreams about being in Boston, and sets out to join the four. Sully and the children accidentally stumble onto Michaela receiving a kiss on the hand by Dr. Burke. Matthew demands to go home, homesick and missing Ingrid. Elizabeth convinces Sully to wear Boston finery and to the delight of Dr. Mike he looks incredibly dashing. Sully, with new finery, takes Michaela out to a sumptuous dinner for two with dancing afterwards. The two then attend an opera, where Dr. Mike must explain what is going on to a long-suffering Sully. Dr. Burke has Dr. Quinn to make a speech, and though many of the male doctors leave in disgust, about half stay for the speech and are impressed. Immediately after, Burke confesses his live for Michaela and proposes marriage, and she attempts to let him down gently but he refuses to take no for an answer. Sully demands to know if she's going to marry the fellow doctor, but she refuses to answer. Sully admits he came to Boston because he loves Dr. Mike, but goes back home to Colorado anyways. After admitting to her mother she doesn't love William Burke, Michaela must tell him she cannot accept his proposal, and the four leave the next day. Matthew admits he was wrong to judge his grandmother prematurely. A very warm welcome meets the family when they return to their home, with the episode ending on Michaela's admission of love for Sully.
26 Giving Thanks November 27, 1993 Disc 2
Sully and Dr. Mike start to "go courtin'" but a drought threatens the town. When Cloud Dancing brings food in to convince the townspeople crops can grow in a drought but they throw his food in the dirt. Hank decides to leave, separating Myra and Horace. Robert E. considers leaving and Grace refuses to go because she feels she has an identity where she is -- Robert E. threatens to leave her behind. Dr. Mike and Sully get into a lover's spat. Jake and Loren take water from the reservation, ignoring the warnings that it's not for human consumption; many townspeople become sick. A lightning strike hits the barn on the homestead, threatening to consume the barn and Dr. Mike takes Sully to task for his old habits of considering himself first. Grace and Robert E. mend the rift from their argument. Sully and Michaela also talk through their differences, and she admits to being scared of commitment. The Natives come to Thanksgiving dinner, bringing enough food for all because the Spirits direct them to. Hank returns as dinner is served, to the delight of Horace, but almost ruins everything with his insensitive remarks before Loren takes him to task. As everyone is eating, rain begins pouring down and everyone dances around in delight, soaking wet.
27 Best Friends December 4, 1993 Disc 3
A dance is coming up, setting the young girls in a tizzy. Colleen decides to no longer be friends with the most popular girl in town (Alice) because she is bossy. Dorothy is feeling puny, and when Dr. Mike questions her, it's revealed she is pregnant just as Loren walks into her room; the three fall into an uncomfortable silence. Further examination shows it's not a pregnancy but menopause, which upsets Dorothy deeply. Colleen commissions Robert E. to make a Best Friends necklace. Dorothy begins bleeding heavily, which may require taking out her uterus. Colleen's friend Becky asks her to speak to a boy, but the young man inadvertently thinks Colleen is sweet on him. Loren gives Dorothy a meal in bed, wracked with guilt about believing Hank's false stories on menopause. Colleen goes to meet her friend's crush under the tree and receives her first kiss. Sully stalks off after Dr. Mike tries to teach him to dance. Michaela admits to Dorothy she is afraid of physical intimacy, but after church she notices Sully going into the store alone with Dorothy and becomes suspicious. Becky catches Colleen kissing the boy she likes and they argue. Dr. Mike finally hears about Colleen's problem and points out friendship should be above boyfriends. While in Loren's store, Sully and Dorothy come out of her room laughing. Michaela is ready to explode in anger but Dorothy collapses and is bleeding badly. Loren predicts doom and gloom but when Dorothy comes out fine, he faints dead away in front of the clinic. Colleen becomes the butt of vicious rumours at school and dumps the boyfriend. Loren asks Dorothy to the dance -- but just to sit; either way she won't tell Dr. Mike what Sully was doing with her, and neither will he. At the dance, Loren admits he still has feelings for Dorothy, Alice steals the boy and Becky decides he's not worth it, and Sully dances a perfect Sweetheart Reel -- thanks, of course, to the lessons from Dorothy.
28 Sully's Choice December 11, 1993 Disc 3
The reverend comes home from Soda Springs with the news of a flu epidemic; as the town has no doctor, Michaela rides off to help. Sully can't control the kids and takes a trip into town, where he runs into the Army looking for Dog Soldiers. Sully pleads with Cloud Dancing to try to dissuade the renegades from attacking. Brian asks for a bedtime story. Sully and Brian explore a cave together but come out in the middle of Dog Soldiers attacking railroad builders. Trying to run them off, he is shot by the Army -- who then proceed to put a 200 dollar bounty on his head. Brian runs back to town to get Matthew and Robert E., who find Sully unconscious and bleeding. Jake and Hank go out to collect the bounty. Managing to avoid the soldiers in town, Robert E. gives the wagon with Sully hidden inside over to the Reverend, to take somewhere safe. Colleen is faced with the daunting task of taking the bullet out of Sully alone. Matthew goes in search of Cloud Dancing while the Revered goes to town for medical supplies. Unfortunately, Matthew is soon followed by Jake, and Hank spots the Reverend sneaking out of the clinic with supplies. All four men arrive back at the cave at the same time. Everyone is surprised when Hank is subdued by the Reverend. Jake removes the bullet from Sully but nicks an artery, which Colleen must suture closed. Sully regains consciousness and goes to turn himself in; Hank's still after the bounty but is blown off. When Sully comes to town, he makes a speech about his innocence, winning the townspeople over. When the Cavalry arrive, Dorothy and others vouch he was "in town" during the time of the incident and threaten to write about shooting an unarmed man in the back. The eposide ends with Dr. Mike returning to town, none the wiser.
29 Mike's Dream... a Christmas Tale December 18, 1993 Disc 3
Mike, mired in a Christmas Eve career/identity crisis, is visited by a friendly angel - the Cooper kids' deceased mom, Charlotte. Charlotte takes Mike on a trip to the past, present and future. On this journey, Mike concludes that the choices and decisions she's made for her career and life the right ones. Charlotte: Diane Ladd.
30 Crossing the Line January 1, 1994 Disc 3
Desperate for funds to finish his homestead, Matthew becomes a scab miner. Disaster is averted by Mike and Sully, who enact a daring rescue when Matthew and other scabs are trapped in a cave-in. Loren refuses credit to strikers, prompting a boycott of his store.
31 The Offering January 8, 1994 Disc 4
Mike and Sully unknowingly aid the U.S. government in giving typhus infected blankets to the Cheyenne, then must help fight the disease. Colonel Egan: John Reger.
32 The Circus January 15, 1994 Disc 4
Mother/daughter issues are explored when Heart and Atlantis, a rag-tag mother/daughter circus team, comes to Colorado Springs. Inner and outer wounds are shared and healed when Mike and Atlantis help Colleen overcome her fear of performing in front of crowds, and Mike helps Heart realize that it's a bond of love, not affliction, that binds she and Atlantis when Mike performs a successful operation to separate Atlantis' webbed fingers. Heart: Fionnula Flanagan. Atlantis: Lisa Rieffel.
33 Another Woman January 22, 1994 Disc 4
Catherine, a beautiful blonde woman captured by and raised with renegade Indians, is brought to Colorado Springs by soldiers when her tribe is wiped out and she's the sole surviving member. Friction develops between Mike and Sully when Catherine falls in love with him, and he seems to respond. Meanwhile, Dorothy starts dating Jake, inciting Loren's jealousy. Catherine: Sheryl Lee.
34 Orphan Train January 29, 1994 Disc 4
Mike considers a marriage proposal from the Reverend in order to provide eight newly arrived orphans with an instant family.
35 Buffalo Soldiers February 5, 1994 Disc 5
A troop of black "Buffalo" Soldiers rides into town intending to kill Indian Dog Soldiers who, because the railroad trespasses on their hunting grounds, have been sabotaging it. Mike manages to thwart the Buffalo Soldiers' mission by warning the Indians, thereby committing an act of civil disobedience. Meanwhile, Mike must teach Colleen the difference between good and bad lying when Colleen cheats on a history test. Carver: Dorian Harewood. Turrell: Spencer Garrett.
36 Luck of the Draw March 5, 1994 Disc 5
Matthew, desperate to earn funds to finish his homestead, becomes a gambler when con-man Julius Hoffman rides into town for the annual poker game at Hank's saloon. Unfortunately, Matthew must learn the hard way that the easier it looks, the harder it hooks. Meanwhile, Brian strives valiantly to earn money to set a captured eagle free, only to be terribly disappointed when the eagle doesn't immediately avail himself of his newly regained freedom. Julius Hoffman: Craig Wasson.
37 Life and Death March 12, 1994 Disc 5
Tom Jennings, Dorothy's Civil War Veteran son, comes to Colorado Springs. Though Mike treats him for pain supposedly incurred from war injuries, his real affliction is an addition to morphine, for which he ransacks the homestead in the middle of the night as the family lies sleeping. The stress of this traumatic event causes Brian and Colleen to "act-out" in disturbing ways. Tom Jennings: Matthew Letscher.
38 The First Circle March 26, 1994 Disc 5
Colorado Springs' townsfolks' racist passions are ignited when Robert E purchases at auction a house which sits in the middle of town. Fueling the fire is Jedediah Bancroft, the auctioneer, who also happens to spearhead the burgeoning Ku Klux Klan movement. Only Mike's courage saves Robert E from a lynch mob, and the townsfolk, ashamed, end up helping him move into his new home. Jedediah Bancroft: George Furth.
39 Just One Lullaby April 9, 1994 Disc 6
Rev. Johnson's in love with the town's new schoolteacher (Sherry Hursey), while Mike's concerned about the woman's wanton use of corporal punishment in the classroom, which in the end backfires as a student too frequently beaten retalliates.
40-41 The Abduction (Parts 1 & 2) April 30, 1994 Disc 6
Mike and Sully get caught in the crossfire when, while visiting the Indian reservation, they see renegade Dog Soldiers shoot some Cavalry men. Mike is kidnapped in retaliation when the Indians discover she told Custer what happened; Sully vows to find her. Meanwhile, Brian falls in love with a horse Hank wins in a poker game. Sully sets out to rescue Mike, who is now Sully's "heart-song". Meanwhile, Custer takes the Indian reservation hostage, threatening to hang everyone unless Mike is returned. Brian works off the cost of the little horse; but Hank reneges on the deal, inciting Loren's wrath. Mike and Sully return to town just in time to keep the Indians from getting hanged. Hank, not anxious to pay double for all his goods at the General Store, delivers Taffy to Brian on his birthday, declaring that, "Sometimes it's just good business for a man to keep his word." Custer: Jason Adams.
42 The Campaign May 7, 1994 Disc 6
Mike and Jake go head-to-head when both campaign for the Mayorship of Colorado Springs. At issue: whether drinking and prostitution should be outlawed. Myra finally breaks loose from Hank.
43 The Man in the Moon May 14, 1994 Disc 7
Only the town's love for the infinitely unlovable Hank can pull him from the brink of a deadly coma. Meanwhile, Colleen and Brian tangle when Grandma Quinn sends Brian but not Colleen a present.
44-45 Return Engagement (Parts 1 & 2) May 21, 1994 Disc 7
When "Andrew Strauss", aka David Lewis, the fiance' whom Mike had presumed was killed in the Civil War, visits Colorado Springs, Mike is forced to choose between him and Sully. Also, Horace and Myra experience pre-nuptial tension when townsfolk start taking over the planning of their wedding for them. Mike is torn between two lovers when, in a blast from the past, her presumed-dead Civil War fiance, David Lewis, whirls into town to reclaim Mike from the arms of Sully, her current fiance. Also, Horace keeps "losin' the mood" when it comes time to consummate his marriage with Myra. Andrew Strauss/David Lewis: Maxwell Caulfield.

Season 3: 1994-1995

# Title Original Airdate Disc
46 The Train September 24, 1994 Disc 1
Sully argues with Mike that they should move if the railroad comes. Meanwhile, Matthew feels left-out of Sully's new homestead plans.
47 Fathers and Sons October 1, 1994 Disc 1
Loren plans a trip to Bolivia to prove he is not getting old; Brian seeks to prove his courage by camping out alone. The two become inadvertent allies as they battle the advances of a hungry bear. Also, Jake and Hank's practical jokes get out of hand, culminating in injuries to them both, until they agree to make up.
48 Cattle Drive, Part 1 October 8, 1994 Disc 1
Mike receives a telegram from Miss Olive - she's ill - but when she, family and friends arrive in Mexico, Miss Olive's already passed away and left 200 cattle to Matthew. Now they must get the herd back home. Colleen gets a crush on a handsome ne'er do well cowhand named Jesse, only to be robbed and deserted by him.
49 Cattle Drive, Part 2 October 15, 1994 Disc 1
Matthew and Sully quarrel over the route of the cattle drive. As Sully allows Matthew to lead the Drive through a dangerous route, Michaela is dangerously injured, causing the two to disagree on a higher level. Brian is given a role of responsibility, but once again Dr. Mike's life is put in peril as she supports one of her sons.
50 The Library October 22, 1994 Disc 2
After receiving a shipment of her father's books from her mother, Michaela decides to start Colorado Spring's first public library. However, the Reverend disapproves of many books in the library and demands that those books be removed. Dr. Mike and the family must fight a battle to keep their library open. Also, Brian and his friends learn a valuable lesson about frog jumping and gambling; Jake attempts to learn how to read as his relationship with Dorothy moves to a new level and Michaela and Sully have a heart to heart about Walt Whitman's poetry while Michaela's fears about their relationship.
51 Halloween II October 29, 1994 Disc 2
Mike helps John, a man Brian finds in the woods, deal with outer and inner scars when she operates on his maimed face and helps him deal with his guilt about the train wreck that caused his disfigurement - as conductor of the train, he feels somehow responsible for the accidental crash. Meanwhile, the townsfolk are up in arms when they get wind that Mike's doing "secret" operations - and possibly creating Frankenstein's monster. John: Richard Moll.
52-53 The Washington Affair (Parts 1 & 2) November 5, 1994 Disc 2
When the Indians are forced off of their land yet again, Dr. Mike, Colleen, Matthew, Brian, Sully and Cloud Dancing head to DC to lobby on behalf of the Indians. Shortly after arriving everyone becomes close to the First family where they learn all about Grant and his oppositions, as well as some plots against him. Dr. Mike testifies on the conditions the Cheyenne are forced to live under. And after making some difference, everyone decides to head home. But as they're leaving a secret is revealed which leads to the arrest of Sully.
54 Money Trouble November 12, 1994 Disc 3
Mike and Sully battle money issues when Sully wants to be the primary provider and Mike wants to combine their incomes - in the end, it's Sully who comes around. Also, Myra becomes a sleepwalker, driving Horace crazy, but happily, the sleepwalking turns out merely to be a symptom of Myra's pregnancy.
55 Thanksgiving November 19, 1994 Disc 3
Mike and Sully run into now-married Kid Cole and Sister Ruth and invite them home for Thanksgiving, but the coach is hijacked, forcing them to journey home, on foot, through Indian country. Also, the Cooper kids scramble to put Thanksgiving supper together. Kid Cole: Johnny Cash. Sister Ruth: June Carter Cash.
56 Ladies Night, Part 1 November 26, 1994 Disc 3
Mike discovers a lump in Dorothy's breast and performs a mastectomy on her. Meanwhile, Colleen must deal with the unwanted attention of a new boy at school who fixates on her impressive bust. Finally, Jake, dressed in drag for Ladies Night at Hank's saloon, gets kidnapped and held hostage by an amorous outlaw, but escapes.
57 Ladies Night, Part 2 December 3, 1994 Disc 3
Dorothy insists the decision to have surgery is hers, not Mike's; Colleen finds the harassment unbearable.
58 The First Christmas December 10, 1994 Disc 4
Mike intervenes in their behalf when a Jewish peddler family arrives in town and is met with prejudice and harassment from townsfolk. Also, Matthew masquerades as Santa Claus for Brian. Guest star: Trisha Yearwood.
59 Indian Agent January 7, 1995 Disc 4
Sully takes a job as an Indian Agent, only to discover corruption's rife within the system. Meanwhile, liquor arrives on the reservation, and Snow Bird miscarries due to malnutrition.
60 The End of the World January 14, 1995 Disc 4
Mike remains the sole voice of reason when townsfolk read a newspaper article predicting that a comet will end the world. Also, Mike addresses the Cooper kids' fears about "the end. Hank and Loren cash in on hysteria.

Note: The first appearance of Jessica Bowman as Colleen Cooper replacing Erika Flores for the remainder of the series.

61 Pike's Peace January 28, 1995 Disc 4
Mike learns some patients are beyond help when she climbs Pike's Peak to follow a woman who's chosen to die in its rarified air rather than continue to battle leukemia; Grace deals with her jealousy of Myra's pregnancy. Colleen delivers Myra's baby in Mike's absence, ushering in a new life for the one lost. Sam Lindsay: Eve Brenner.
62-63 Cooper vs. Quinn (Parts 1 & 2) February 4, 1995 Disc 5
Mike loses custody of Brian and Colleen when their father, Ethan Cooper, arrives with new bride Lillian and reclaims them in a messy courtroom battle. Also, Myra and Horace are almost driven out of their minds by new baby Samantha's incessant crying. Brian and Colleen run away from Ethan and Lillian, and Colleen contracts potentially lethal pneumonia, which, upon the kids apprehension, Mike treats. Later, Lillian changes her mind about taking the kids. Also, surprisingly, Hank's the only person who can quiet Samantha, Myra and Horace's eternally crying baby. Ethan Cooper: Ben Murphy.
64 What is Love? February 11, 1995 Disc 5
Brian's homework assignment, an essay entitled, "What Is Love?" to be written in honor of Valentine's day, coincides with Dorothy and the town's production of "Romeo and Juliet." Also, Becky and Colleen compete to play Juliet, Dorothy and Jake split up, and Sully gives Mike an engagement ring.
65 Things My Father Never Taught Me February 18, 1995 Disc 5
Mike volunteers Robert E's services to fix a steam engine for the railroad, but whether Robert E can do it remains in question until the job is completed. Also, Mike solves a medical puzzle when two Chinese railroad workers, the Chang brothers, fall strangely ill. Jackson Tait: Allan Royal. Peter Chow: Eric Michael Zee.
66 Baby Outlaws February 25, 1995 Disc 6
When teen-outlaw Belle Starr robs the saloon, Mike takes her in, intending to reform her; Colleen overcomes her fear of riding. Belle Starr: Melissa Clayton.
68 Bone of Contention March 11, 1995 Disc 6
A paleontologist arrives in town, igniting "bone fever" among the townsfolk when he announces that dinosaur bones are worth money. Meanwhile, Matthew and Colleen try to prevent Brian from discovering that the "dinosaur" bone given him by his pa is fake.
69 The Permanence of Change April 8, 1995 Disc 6
With no child-protection laws, and influenced by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, Mike has a girl removed from her "guardian" by taking the man to court and trying him for animal abuse. Mary Ann: Doren Fein.
70-71 Washita (Parts 1 & 2) April 29, 1995 Disc 7
Mike and Sully arrive too late to avert Custer's slaughter of the Indians at the Washita River; Brian befriends an Indian boy destined to die at Washita; Robert E & Grace attempt to adopt an Indian baby whose mother was killed at Washita. Sully and the kids must help Mike deal with the emotional aftermath of the Washita massacre; Robert E and Grace must return to Cloud Dancing the Indian baby Mike and Sully brought back from Washita.
72 Sully's Recovery May 6, 1995 Disc 7
After discovering a badly injured Loren, Sully must battle his own demons in order to save him.
73 Ready or Not May 13, 1995 Disc 8
Mike and Sully go to the Reverend for a dose of preventative pre-marital counseling, and recall the path of their romance.
74-75 For Better or Worse (Parts 1 & 2) May 20, 1995 Disc 8
Dr. Mike's family arrive from Boston and her mother begins to commandeer their her and Sully's wedding. Sully decides on a best man in Cloud Dancing, though Custer thwarts his plans as he places a bounty on his prospective best man's head. As Dr. Mike and her mother argue, feelings become tense between her and her groom-to-be. After Sully leaves to see a friend in need, Dr. Mike eases relations with her sister, Marjorie, which tests her loyalty and faith in Sully. In the end the Quinn-Sully wedding goes to plan and ends happily in a Brian-custom made train carriage.

Season 4: 1995-1996

# Title Original Airdate Disc
76 A New Life September 23, 1995 Disc 1
Dr. Mike and Sully return to Colorado Springs from their honeymoon, ready to embark on a new life together, but they find the town disturbingly changed. Arriving on the same train as the newlyweds is Preston A. Lodge III, an ambitious Bostonian determined to establish Colorado Springs’ first bank- and anxious to begin collecting interest from unsuspecting townsfolk. Meanwhile, Sully struggles to persuade his Cheyenne friend, Cloud Dancing, to begin a new life of his own on a government reservation.
77 Traveling All-Stars September 30, 1995 Disc 1
In an attempt to raise money for civic improvements, the Colorado Springs Council challenges Otis James and his American All-Stars to a baseball game. Dr. Mike and the other townsfolk take a crash course in baseball to prepare for the match. However, a dispute over the division of profits leads to intense competition.
78 Mothers and Daughters October 7, 1995 Disc 1
As Dr. Mike becomes increasingly absorbed in her romance with Sully, Colleen rebels by joining her classmates in some dangerous escapades. Mike is dismayed to learn of Colleen’s involvement in such daredevil hijinks as moonlight hay-rides and cliff-top horse races. When Brian also begins feeling ignored, Mike and Sully discover the importance of balancing their romantic life with their parental responsibilities.
79 Brother's Keeper October 14, 1995 Disc 1
Tragedy strikes Dr. Mike’s family when Matthew’s fiancée, Ingrid, falls deathly ill with rabies. Amid her final wedding preparations, Ingrid is bitten by young Brian’s dog, which has contracted rabies from a raccoon. While Matthew and the family struggle with their grief, Brian is overcome by guilt.
80 Halloween III October 28, 1995 Disc 2
As the town’s big Halloween celebration approaches, Brian’s classmate convinces him that the vengeful ghost of a miner will murder him if he attends. A man with an acute case of Rheumatism visits Colorado Springs hoping the town’s hot springs will cure him, but another unlikely cure manifests itself. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike begins to fear that Sully is unhappy and may be having an affair, unaware of the true nature of Sully’s surprising secret.
81 Dorothy's Book November 4, 1995 Disc 2
Dr. Mike and the townsfolk are scandalized when Dorothy Jennings publishes her first book: an account of her experiences in Colorado Springs. Although the book quickly becomes a bestseller, Dorothy is dismayed by the angry reaction of her friends and neighbors, who feel betrayed by the secrets she has revealed.
82 Promises, Promises November 11, 1995 Disc 2
Loren proposes marriage to Dorothy, but suffers a crippling stroke before she can give him her answer. Meanwhile, tensions grow between Dr. Mike and Sully when an old friend writes Sully a letter asking him for help in the Nevada gold fields.
83-84 Expedition (Part 1 & 2) November 18, 1995 Disc 3
For her birthday, Dr. Mike decides to climb to the top of Pike's Peak with Dorothy, Grace and Myra. The journey leads to disagreement among the women and even takes a perilous turn. Back in town, Preston takes advantage of Michaela's absence to pass legislation allowing the construction of a hotel and casino in Colorado Springs. When a bounty hunter comes to town looking for a black fugitive, Robert E. is forced to make a startling confession to Sully. The womens' journey leads to revelations that will have lasting impacts on each of their lives.
85 One Touch of Nature November 25, 1995 Disc 3
As Thanksgiving approaches, Dr. Mike attempts to convince the townsfolk to share their feast with the impoverished Indians living at the Palmer Creek reservation. Jake slips into a depression and receives help from an unexpected source. Michaela and Sully fear that she may be infertile.
86 Hell on Wheels December 9, 1995 Disc 3
Rushing to the railroad camp to battle an epidemic, Dr. Mike and Sully are shocked to find Matthew, heartbroken over the recent death of his fiancée, running the saloon there. Matthew, who has become self-destructive, volunteers for a highly dangerous blasting job that seriously endangers his own life, as well as the lives of Brian, Colleen and Peter.
87 Fifi's First Christmas December 16, 1995 Disc 4
As the town prepares for Christmas, Dr. Mike receives an unexpected gift from her mother -- a miniature poodle named Fifi that wreaks havoc through Colorado Springs. Brian, meanwhile, becomes smitten with an "older woman" of 11 who arrives in town with her recently widowed mother. At the same time, the Reverend Johnson recruits townspeople for the living Nativity he plans to stage.
88 Change of Heart January 6, 1996 Disc 4
Dr. Mike becomes the first woman admitted into the prestigious American Medical Society, but her new credential doesn't help her diagnose a young boy's deadly illness. Robert E. wants to adopt the young vagrant, but Grace, still aching over the loss of the Cheyenne baby, resists becoming involved with the ill child. Meanwhile, Matthew - who is also still grieving over the death of his fiancée - receives an unusual present from Hank.
89 Tin Star January 13, 1996 Disc 4
With the railroad comes an increase in crime in Colorado Springs, and the town decides to elect a sheriff. Matthew volunteers for the job, despite Michaela and Sully's objections. Upon taking office, Matthew enacts a controversial law banning the carrying of firearms, and this decision may end up putting his life on the line.
90 If You Love Someone... January 20, 1996 Disc 5
Matthew and Emma struggle to define their relationship, especially when Matthew learns that Emma is choosing to be a prostitute absent a binding contract. Meanwhile, Myra is forced to examine her happiness when Preston offers her a job and Horace objects.
91 The Ice Man Cometh January 27, 1996 Disc 5
A former colleague of Preston's dupes the townsfolk into buying fraudulent stock in a non-existent invention.
92-93 Dead or Alive, Parts 1 and 2 February 3 and 10, 1996 Disc 5
When a Senator comes to Colorado Springs to campaign, his son is kidnapped by a radical vagrant in an attempt to prevent Colorado’s statehood. Despite the Senator’s bigoted nature, Sully, Matthew and Robert E. agree to help him find his son, along with the help of the other men in town. However, disagreements among the men put everyone’s lives in danger. Meanwhile, Michaela must hand over her practice to a bigoted doctor from Denver when her pregnancy is put at risk by her hectic work schedule.
94 Deal with the Devil February 17, 1996 Disc 6
To impress his former mentor, the Reverend makes a deal that could end up costing the town its church.
95 An Eye for an Eye February 24, 1996 Disc 6
When a drifter is convicted of raping a young girl and murdering an old man, he is sentenced to death, as the townspeople of Colorado Springs are divided over whether to take "an eye for an eye." Dr. Mike finds her own family being torn apart, as her feelings about the murderer's fate differ strongly from those of Sully and Colleen. As the execution approaches, emotions run high, and Matthew must take a strong stand to maintain law and order.
96 Hearts and Minds March 9, 1996 Disc 6
Although Dr. Mike and the Reverend Johnson favor the opening of a school on the Indian reservation, Cloud Dancing sees it as the final destruction of Indian culture. Sully, representing the Indians, is caught in the middle as tribal tensions increase. Arguments erupt over whether the white man is imposing his teachings onto the children, making them forsake their own Indian culture. Meanwhile, Dorothy attempts to get a bank loan so she can buy a building to expand her rapidly growing newspaper, yet is stonewalled by bankers who refuse to loan money to a woman.
97 Reunion March 23, 1996 Disc 7
When Michaela's best friend and former medical school colleague comes for a visit, the excitement quickly turns to competition and jealousy. Meanwhile, Dorothy struggles to expand the gazette.
98 Woman of the Year April 6, 1996 Disc 7
After being nominated for Woman of the Year by a suffragette organization, Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed by the pressure to win. Elsewhere, when Hank's grandmother visits he must maintain a façade to prevent her from discovering the truth about his sordid life.
99 Last Chance April 13, 1996 Disc 7
As her baby's birth draws near, Dr. Mike tries to reduce her clinic hours, but when Cloud Dancing is stabbed and Emma is found to have a potentially deadly tumor, she is forced to reevaluate. Although Sully struggles to keep the peace, tensions among Indian superintendent Hazen, the Army, and the various Indian tribes on the reservation mount steadily. The conflict takes a dangerous turn when Two Spears, a Pawnee renegade, attempts to kill Cloud Dancing. Meanwhile, Emma is badly beaten by one of her customers, leading Matthew to forbid her return to Hank's saloon.
100 Fear Itself April 27, 1996 Disc 7
Dr. Mike risks the health of her unborn baby when she helps a mysterious and beautiful stranger who carries a dreaded disease. When artist Isabelle Maynard (guest star Denise Crosby) arrives in Colorado Springs, the entire town embraces her, particularly Preston, whose intentions are amorous. But when the townspeople learn that Isabelle carries a terrifying disease, their friendship turns to fear. Meanwhile, Preston's plans for a resort hotel include a clinic for wealthy patients, run by Dr. Mike. Yet the doctor and Sully aren't sure if helping Preston is the best way to aid the sick and the needy.
101 One Nation May 4, 1996 Disc 8
Dr. Mike tries to save a young soldier, accidentally shot during a scuffle between the Army and the Indians, while Sully tries to spare Cloud Dancing's life when he confesses to the shooting. Although Cloud Dancing takes the blame to protect a young brave, the medicine man uses his trial to join the once-embattled tribes into a united nation. As tension mounts after the shooting, Preston will try anything to stop Dorothy from printing a fair editorial about the incident in her newspaper.
102 When a Child is Born, Part 1 May 11, 1996 Disc 8
As the birth of Dr. Mike's baby rapidly approaches, Sully is injured trying to rescue Cloud Dancing and the other Indians who were seized by the Army. After Cloud Dancing escapes, he guides a worried Dr. Mike to her husband's side. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike's family brings Andrew Cook (Brandon Douglas), a new doctor, to town.
103 When a Child is Born, Part 2 May 18, 1996 Disc 8
After Cloud Dancing leads Dr. Mike through the wilderness to the wounded Sully, she suddenly goes into labor and must coach her injured husband through a difficult delivery. As the townspeople scour the countryside looking for Dr. Mike and Sully, the baby is born. Meanwhile, the Army returns for Cloud Dancing, the bad feelings escalate between Horace and Myra, and young Dr. Cook must perform a major operation.

Season 5: 1996-1997

# Title Original Airdate Disc
104 Runaway Train September 21, 1996 Disc 1
Dr. Mike, ready to go back to work after giving birth, is terrified to hear that Sully and Cloud Dancing were aboard a train overtaken by robbers. While treating a patient whose condition divides Dr. Cook and Dr. Mike in the diagnosis, Andrew realises maybe he's not ready to leave his former practice and work without supervision.
105 Having it All September 28, 1996 Disc 1
Dr. Mike seriously considers turning her medical practice over to young Dr. Cook for good, as she tries to cope with being a wife, mother and career woman.
106 Malpractice October 5, 1996 Disc 1
A malpractice suit prevents Dr. Mike from practicing medicine, leaving the reluctant Dr. Cook in charge, but Dr. Mike's rebellious nature makes her act illegally resulting in a retraction.
107 All That Glitters October 12, 1996 Disc 1
The appearance of renowned singer Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) tempts Colleen to leave college and travel the world instead, giving Colleen and Dr. Mike something to disagree on.
108 Los Americanos October 19, 1996 Disc 2
A Latin American woman rebuffs Dr. Mike's attempts at friendship; the Rev. Johnson searches for a teacher to take his place. Teresa: Michelle Bonilla.
109 Last Dance October 26, 1996 Disc 2
Dr. Mike faces the prospect of leaving her practice and friends for Wyoming when Sully is offered a job surveying Yellowstone National Park.
110 Right or Wrong November 2, 1996 Disc 2
Dr. Mike is arrested and put in jail for treating a fugitive Indian; Jake and Preston run against each other for mayor of Colorado Springs.
111 Remember Me November 9, 1996 Disc 2
A sick and ragged prospector wanders into town and Jake Slicker recognizes the man as his father, who abandoned him years before.
112 Legend November 16, 1996 Disc 3
Dr. Mike, Sully and Matthew team up with a legendary marshal in order to nab the thieves who wounded Matthew during a bank robbery.
113 The Tempest November 23, 1996 Disc 3
A severe storm bears down on Colorado Springs, disrupting the arrival of Preston Lodge II and Dr. Mike's attempts to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.
114 Separate but Equal December 7, 1996 Disc 3
Grace and Robert E. encounter fierce opposition when they attempt to enroll their son in the town's all-white school.
115 A Place to Die December 14, 1996 Disc 4
Dr. Mike's practice is in jeopardy when her patients begin dying of a mysterious infection apparently contracted at the clinic. But when Sully requires simple stitching, will she trust in herself to put his life in danger to demonstrate the safety of her clinic?
116 Season of Miracles December 7, 1996 Disc 4
As Christmas approaches, Brian questions his faith when he learns that Dr. Mike cannot save the sight of the Reverend.
117 The Dam January 11, 1997 Disc 4
In a case of mistaken motivation, a judge sends Sully to prison after he is spotted with criminals bent on stopping the construction of a dam.
118 Farewell Appearance January 25, 1997 Disc 4
Dr. Mike's Uncle Theodore, a concert pianist, sees in Brian not only a talented musician, but his own dead son.
119 The Most Fatal Disease February 1, 1997 Disc 5
Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) visit Dr. Mike at a difficult time in their marriage.
120 Colleen's Paper February 8, 1997 Disc 5
Dr. Mike and Colleen recall past cases as part of a college course Colleen is taking; Andrew is overcome by a mysterious ailment.
121-122 A House Divided (Part 1 & 2) February 15, 1997 Disc 5
An old friend of Sully's seeks an affair with Dr. Mike, while flashing his financial success before the family.
123 Hostage February 22, 1997 Disc 6
Sully, depite being wounded by two bank robbers, works to free his wife, Brian and Katie when they are taken hostage by the desperate men.
124 The Body Electric April 5, 1997 Disc 6
Brian takes a liking to visiting writer Walt Whitman, even when the townspeople shun Whitman over rumors of his alternative lifestyle.
125 Before the Dawn April 12, 1997 Disc 6
Horace attempts suicide after his wife leaves him, prompting Dr. Mike to send for her and their young daughter.
126 Starting Over April 26, 1997 Disc 6
Dr. Mike is shocked by her sister's open relationship with Loren Bray and liberal behavior after she joins the women's suffrage movement.
127 His Father's Son May 3, 1997 Disc 7
Sully intervenes when Brian's irresponsible behavior endangers the town.
128 Moment of Truth, Part 1 May 10, 1997 Disc 7
Sully arranges an escape for Cloud Dancing, leading him and the Indian to become wanted men.
129 Moment of Truth, Part 2 May 17, 1997 Disc 7
When Sgt. McKay (David Beecroft) holds Sully responsible for the Dog Soldiers' attacks, he and Cloud Dancing escape to safer American Indian lands.

Season 6: 1997-1998

# Title Original Airdate Disc
130 Reason to Believe September 27, 1997 Disc 1
Daniel Simon returns to Colorado Springs to help Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Brian search for a missing Sully.
131 All That Matters October 4, 1997 Disc 1
The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, and Dr. Mike keeps him hidden for weeks while trying to nurse him back to health in order to protect him from the Army. Preston plans to buy Indian land for a lumber mill.
132 A Matter of Conscience October 11, 1997 Disc 1
Hank, believing Sully and Cloud Dancing to be the instigators of the American Indian raids, declares himself sheriff and sets off to capture them.
133 The Comfort of Friends October 18, 1997 Disc 1
Mike discovers that she's pregnant, and complications involving Founders' Day plans arise among the townsfolk. Dr. Mike experiences a tragic event more painful still because Sully is away.
134 Wave Goodbye October 25, 1997 Disc 2
The apparent mystical powers of a visiting Russian princess electrify the townsfolk and even spark curiosity in a skeptical Dr. Mike. Princess Nizamoff: Natasha Andreichenko. Eli Clay: Charles Parks. Natalia: Lorna Raver.
135 A Place Called Home November 1, 1997 Disc 2
Dr. Mike tells Grace and Robert E that their son (Brandon Hammond) might not survive his illness, while Sully pursues peace between the American Indian warriors and the settlers and learns of Mike's miscarriage.
136 Lead Me Not November 8, 1997 Disc 2
Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, returns to Colorado Springs as a member of the Women's Temperance League to outlaw alcohol. She arrives while Jake is drowning his insecurities over Teresa Morales in alcohol. Meanwhile, Sully and Cloud Dancing try to reason with Black Moon, a young brave experiencing "visions" of victory over the cavalry. Marjorie: Alley Mills. Black Moon: Gregory Norman Cruz.
137 A Time to Heal, Part 1 November 15, 1997 Disc 3
Mike sends the children to Sully's hideout, but her visiting family refuses to leave diphtheria-ravaged Colorado Springs.
138 A Time to Heal, Part 2 November 22, 1997 Disc 3
Diphtheria strikes Marjorie, Daniel and Preston and not all recover. Meanwhile, hidden in his cave with Brian and Katie, Sully and Mrs Quinn reach an understanding. Dr. Mike must learn to trust her judgements as a physician, as after a tragedy, which Dr. Mike was responsible for she must try a risky procedure on patients very close to her family's heart.
139 Civil Wars December 6, 1997 Disc 3
Colorado Springs catches litigation fever after injured Horace sues Hank.
140 Safe Passage December 12, 1997 Disc 3
An Indian-hater determines to thwart a treaty that would allow Black Cloud's warriors safe passage and let Sully come home.
141 The Homecoming December 20, 1997 Disc 4
Mike and Sully help a young couple lost in the wilderness; Daniel considers a distant job offer.
142 Point Blank February 28, 1998 Disc 4
Dr. Mike's life takes a startling turn when she is shot point blank by a man with a grudge against doctors.
143 Seeds of Doubt March 7, 1998 Disc 4
Colleen finds herself the subject of a fatal attraction.
144 Seven Kinds of Lonely March 21, 1998 Disc 4
Mike's stunned when Loren - still grieving over Marjorie's death - reveals his intention to move away. Meanwhile, Jake proposes to Teresa; and Grace's drinking threatens her and Robert E's marriage.
145 Life in the Balance April 4, 1998 Disc 5
Dr. Quinn befriends a young Chinese woman (Yumi Iwama) who must pretend to be a man so she can practice medicine. Guest star: Robert Ito.
146 Happily Ever After April 11, 1998 Disc 5
Dr. Mike and Sully attempt to free Cloud Dancing after he is thrown in prison for leaving the reservation; Teresa's aunt (Carmen Zapata) wants to stop her wedding.
147 Birdman April 18, 1998 Disc 5
Dr. Mike grapples with her fear for Brian's safety when he befriends a seemingly harmless but eccentric fellow (guest star Martin Von Hoffman) who thinks he's a bird.
148 Vengeance April 25, 1998 Disc 5
U.S. Marshall Elias Birch (guest star Willie Nelson) asks Matthew, still a student of law, to defend him when he's accused of murder. Matthew needs help from members of his family if he is to succeed in court and relieve his friend in need.
149 To Have and to Hold May 2, 1998 Disc 6
Sully tries to help an injured Dr. Mike stay conscious by reminiscing about their special times together.
150 The Fight May 9, 1998 Disc 6
Robert E releases anger over his separation from Grace through his furious fists in the boxing ring, where he takes on an ailing champ (Richard Roundtree) who's on tour.ummary
151 A New Beginning May 16, 1998 Disc 6
Colleen is accepted to medical school, and Andrew, not wanting to wait, proposes to her. Meanwhile, Preston's financial fall has repercussions for townsfolk.

The Movies

Title Original Airdate
Revolutions May 22, 1999
As Colorado Springs' Commissioner, Sully opposes a deal to mine for copper to make electricity. In order to sway Sully's decision, Mr. Garrick threatens Sully. Sully and Michaela's daughter, Katie, is then kidnapped while the town celebrates Michaela's birthday. The search for Katie takes Sully, Micheala, and their friends on an adventure through Mexico that is filled with danger at every turn.
The Heart Within May 12, 2001
This final Dr Quinn episode is set 3 years after the end of the series in 1876. Dr. Mike and the family travel back to Boston to attend Colleen's graduation from Harvard Medical School. Colleen experiences the same prejudices as Dr. Mike, while Elizabeth Quinn is found to be seriously ill. Sully gets caught up in a land conspiracy while Brian finds a job with the Boston Globe. The series comes to a conclusion with a series of resolutions and a touching finale.

Note: chad Allen does not appear in the episode. Due to scheduling conflicts he was unavailable during filming.

The episode was shot entirely on location in Old Montreal Canada which was used to for the setting of Boston.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - The Movies (The Movie aka Revelations / The Heart Within) DVD