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Flintstones drawing by Roger Caldwell

Superman drawing
by Roger Caldwell

Popeye drawing by Roger Caldwell

Hanna Barbera cartoons drawing by Roger Caldwell

pacman.jpg (96057 bytes)
Pac Man

pac-man.jpg (125798 bytes)
Pac Man Cartoon

inu-yasha.jpg (72019 bytes)
Tyler Bingham

space-ghost.jpg (86525 bytes)
Space Ghost
Hanna Barbera's ultimate space hero. He's made a recent comeback getting a new comic book series done in a much more serious style of story telling.
by Tyler Bingham

Batman and Plastic Man - the Brave and the Bold

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Batman and Aquaman - Brave and the Bold

cartoons.jpg (77022 bytes)
Hanna Barbera Cartoons

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