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Land of the Lost TV Trivia and Facts

Land of the Lost Plot

Rick Marshall and his two kids Will and Holly take a rafting trip when suddenly an earthquake occurs and they end up going down into a interdimensional doorway that winds up in the Land of the Lost. At first it appears that they have went back into the past, but the discovery of a lost city from the past proves otherwise. The lost city happened to belong to an ancient sleestak lizard race. Due to the war like nature of the sleestak they are thrown into a primitive like state. The Marshalls run into Enik a sleestak from the past who is intelligent, but just a little bit grumpy from time to time. He vows to go back into his present to stop his people from destroying themselves.

In the end of the first season the Marshall's are told by Enik they were not destined to enter the Land of the Lost, and that their alternate doubles were destined to relive the falling raft scene over and over again unless they could leave. Thanks to Enik they leave through another dimensional doorway, but their doubles go through and enter the Land of the Lost. It is implied that the Marshall's from then on both escaped the Land of the Lost and were also stuck in a never ending loop with their doubles taking their place.

In the third season Rick disappears from the Land of the Lost only to be replaced by Uncle Jack who was looking for the family.

Land of the Lost Cast
Spencer Milligan .... Rick Marshall 
Wesley Eure .... Will Marshall (as Wesley) 
Kathy Coleman .... Holly Marshall 
Philip Paley .... Cha-Ka 

Sharon Baird .... Sa 
Walker Edmiston .... Enik 
Joe A. Giamalva .... Ta (1974-1975) 
Dave Greenwood .... Sleestack 
Ron Harper .... Uncle Jack 
Richard Kiel .... Malak 
Bill Laimbeer .... Sleestak 
John Lambert .... Sleestack 
Jon Locke .... Sleestack Leader (1976-1977) 
Scutter McKay .... Ta (1975-1977) 
Marvin Miller .... Zarn (voice) 
Cleveland Porter .... Sleestak 
Van Snowden .... Zarn (body) 

Trivia Facts

Great Saturday morning entertaiment. This show used top sci-fi writers to come up with plots that can be enjoyed by adults as much as children.

Before Ron Harper got lost as Uncle Jack he was lost on the tv series the Planet of the Apes.

In 1991 a new family made it to the Land of the Lost named the Porters. This one lasted for two seasons, but was a whole lot different from the original 1970's Land of the Lost.

Spencer Milligan ( Rick Marshall) went on to guest star in tons of tv shows including Hardcastle and McCormick, Quincy,  Dukes of Hazzard, Police Squad, Vegas, Alice, McCloud, Baretta,  and the Bionic Woman.


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