Peanuts Woodstock: Snoopy's best friend

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Woodstock is a character in Charles M. Schulz's comic strip Peanuts. Snoopy began befriending birds in the early 1960s, when they started using his doghouse for various purposes: a rest stop during migrations, a nesting site, or a place to play cards. None of these birds were ever given names, or even used speech balloons, they simply looked at Snoopy and he understood them. The first bird that bore a prototypical resemblance to Woodstock visited Snoopy in 1967, and this is generally considered his debut, though Schulz didn't give him a name and establish him as a full-fledged character until June 22, 1970. Schulz acknowledged in several print and TV interviews in the mid-1970s that he took Woodstock's name from the rock festival.

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Snoopy and Woodstock met when a mother bird built a nest on Snoopy's stomach. There were two birds in it, and the mom never came back. Snoopy, one day, got fed up with the two birds, and threw them into the world. Snoopy's first thought was that he was glad to be unburdened of the responsibility, yet later he appears to soften, thinking "here comes Woodstock, flying in his usual topsy-turvy way".

Woodstock quickly became Snoopy's best friend. The only non-avian character who can understand Woodstock's language is Snoopy. This is because his speech is rendered entirely in "chicken scratch" marks; Snoopy usually ends up translating them for the benefit of the reader. There are exceptions to this however, such as an "X" appearing in the talk bubble to represent No, and Woodstock does make verbal noises such as yawns, laughter, and sleeping noises like "Z"s or snores. In the movies and TV specials, the chicken scratches are rendered audibly as a staccato series of Scat singing by Snoopy's voice actor, Bill Melendez. Woodstock often works as Snoopy's secretary (most notably when the latter was appointed "Head Beagle"), and caddies for him when he plays golf (usually with some difficulty). Woodstock also plays American football with Snoopy, usually attempting to catch the ball but, due to his size, he is simply hit by it; sometimes getting embedded into the ground a short distance.

Woodstock is small but scrappy, taking Snoopy's gentle verbal digs at him and practical jokes in stride though not hesitating to stand up to Snoopy if his friend goes too far. Once, he and Snoopy stopped speaking to each other because of Snoopy's practice of reading War and Peace one word per day. When told that Woodstock was being attacked by the cat next door, Snoopy immediately rushed to his aid, getting clobbered in the process (what the cat was attacking ended up being actually a yellow glove). He also hates being mistaken for the wrong species of bird (though we are never told what species he actually is), and he is reluctant to eat thrown bread crumbs because he doesn't want anyone to think he's on welfare, and when asked about his net income by Snoopy in his 'census-taker' persona, he replied "four worms a day". He's a whiz at playing "trivia" too, and almost always manages to stump Snoopy.

For all of Woodstock's mental acumen, however, he is physically a very poor flyer, which has been a character trait since he first appeared. He flitters around in erratic fashion, often upside down, and frequently crashes into things. He usually manages to get where he wants to go, though, as long as he doesn't have to fly too high. He is prone to beak-bleeds if he goes over ten feet in the air. During the winter he relaxes by either skating or playing ice hockey on top of the birdbath, complete with his own Zamboni machine to keep the surface clean (except one year where Woodstock asks Snoopy to migrate with him, and the duo take the trip on foot). His one goal throughout the comic is to track down his mother so he can send her a Mother's Day card.

In the TV special, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, Snoopy buys Woodstock a birdhouse to replace his nest after a cold early spring rain. At first Woodstock refused to use it, so Snoopy forced the issue. Checking up later on Woodstock, Snoopy peers into the birdhouse to find Woodstock has converted it into a 70s style leisure room (complete with a quadraphonic stereo system) that appears much larger on the inside than from outside (much like Snoopy's own doghouse). Unfortunately, Snoopy gets his nose stuck in the door and demolishes the house, so he buys Woodstock a second birdhouse, which Woodstock accepts.

Woodstock and his fellow yellow birds (named Bill, Harriet, Olivier, Raymond, Fred, Roy and Conrad) often join Snoopy for group activities, with Snoopy as the de facto leader. Most frequently they embark on Beagle Scout expeditions with Snoopy as Scoutmaster, though they have also formed football and ice hockey teams (on one occasion a football team composed of Snoopy and the birds defeated a human football team led by Peppermint Patty). The birds and Snoopy are also occasionally shown playing Bridge. Although all but Raymond (who is darker) look alike, Snoopy seems to be able to tell them apart.

Both Snoopy and Woodstock were voiced by Bill Melendez from 1965 onward.

TV Specials

Name Original Air Date Network Current Network
A Boy Named Charlie Brown 1963 Unaired None
A Charlie Brown Christmas December 9, 1965 CBS ABC
Charlie Brown's All-Stars June 8, 1966 CBS None
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown October 27, 1966 CBS ABC
You're in Love, Charlie Brown June 12, 1967 CBS None
He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown February 14, 1968 CBS None
Charlie Brown and Charles Schulz May 24, 1969 CBS None
It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown September 27, 1969 CBS None
Play It Again, Charlie Brown March 28, 1971 CBS None
You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown October 29, 1972 CBS ABC
There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown March 11, 1973 CBS None
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving November 20, 1973 CBS ABC
It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown February 1, 1974 CBS None
It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown April 9, 1974 CBS ABC
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown January 28, 1975 CBS  
You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown October 28, 1975 CBS None
Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown January 9, 1976 CBS None
It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown March 16, 1976 CBS None
It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown October 24, 1977 CBS None
What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown February 23, 1978 CBS None
Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown January 5, 1979 CBS None
You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown March 19, 1979 CBS None
She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown February 25, 1980 CBS None
Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown October 24, 1980 CBS None
It's Magic, Charlie Brown April 28, 1981 CBS None
Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown October 30, 1981 CBS None
A Charlie Brown Celebration May 24, 1982 (1981) CBS None
Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? February 21, 1983 CBS None
It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown May 16, 1983 CBS None
What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? May 30, 1983 CBS None
It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown April 16, 1984 CBS None
Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown March 20, 1985 CBS None
It's Your 20th Television Anniversary, Charlie Brown May 14, 1985 CBS None
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown November 6, 1985 CBS None
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! January 1, 1986 CBS None
Snoopy!!! The Musical January 29, 1988 CBS None
It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown September 27, 1988 CBS None
You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown February 2, 1990 CBS None
Why, Charlie Brown, Why? March 16, 1990 CBS None
Snoopy's Reunion May 1, 1991 CBS None
It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown 1992 CBS None
It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown November 27, 1992 CBS None
You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown January 18, 1994 NBC None
It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown Straight to video (1997) Unaired  
Good Grief, Charlie Brown: A Tribute to Charles Schulz February 11, 2000 CBS None
Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years May 10, 2000 CBS None
It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown Straight to video (2000) Unaired  
The Making of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" December 6, 2001 ABC Unknown
A Charlie Brown Valentine February, 14, 2002 ABC ABC
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales December 8, 2002 ABC ABC
Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown August 29, 2003 ABC Unnoted
I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown December 9, 2003 ABC ABC
He's a Bully, Charlie Brown November 20, 2006 ABC ABC


 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

Episode Name Original Air Date
Snoopy's Cat Fight 9/17/1983
Snoopy: Team Manager 9/24/1983
Linus and Lucy 10/1/1983
Lucy VS the World 10/8/1983
Linus' Security Blanket 10/15/1983
Snoopy: Man's Best Friend 10/22/1983
Snoopy the Psychitrist 10/29/1983
You Can't Win Charlie Brown 11/5/1983
The Lost Ballpark 11/12/1983
Snoopy's Football Career 11/19/1983
Chaos in the Classroom 11/26/1983
It's that Team Spirit, Charlie Brown 12/3/1983
Lucy Loves Schroeder 12/10/1983
Snoopy and the Giant 9/14/1985
Snoopy's Brother Spike 9/21/1985
Snoopy's Robot 9/28/1985
Peppermint Patty's School Days 10/5/1985
Sally's Sweet Baboo 10/12/1985


 This is America, Charlie Brown mini-series

Episode Name Original Air Date
The Mayflower Voyagers 10/21/1988
The Birth of the Constitution" 10/28/1988
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk 11/4/1988
The NASA Space Station 11/11/1988
The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad 2/10/1989
The Great Inventors 3/10/1989
The Smithsonian and the Presidency 4/19/1989
The Music and Heroes of America 5/23/1989


 Other Specials

Name Original Air Date Network
Snoopy at the Ice Follies 10/24/1971 NBC
Snoopy's International Ice Follies 11/12/1972 NBC
Snoopy Directs the Ice Follies 11/13/1973 NBC
Snoopy's Musical on Ice 5/24/1978 CBS
The Big Stuffed Dog 2/8/1981 NBC


Feature films

Movie Release Date
A Boy Named Charlie Brown December 4, 1969
Snoopy, Come Home July 14, 1972
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown June 3, 1977
Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown June 13, 1980