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If your looking for a webhost Bluehost Webhosting is the company I most recommend right now. With them you get 4 gigabyte hosting space 2,500 POP email accounts, 100 GIGS of transfer, ssl, ftp, stats, cgi, php, MySQL, 2000/2002/2003 Front Page Extensions
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Free Content for Your Website

If you want free content for your website simply plug in this RSS feed address

XML feed XML feed  into a script like Carp and you've got instant TV show and entertainment related content for a php page or html page.

New method for displaying Tvcrazy forum or TVcrazy Man Entertainment Blog It's super easy too. All you have to do is go to the site above download and then put the template html page and the rss2html.php on your web host server just like any other web page, and then pull up this web address
  replacing the items between the < > with your info like web address, address of the feed  , and the max number of items you want displayed.

Use a SSI include like this 

<!--#include virtual="/rss2html.php?XMLFILE=" -->

note in a SSI include you skip the domain name on the very first address start with /rss2html.php etc

Just insert it where ever you want the news to show up and it will put the entire php page into your html page. The only catch is your webhost has to parse the html pages the same way most automatically do for shtml pages. Most of the time you can go to your control panel and set this or ask your webhost to do it for you.

How to set SSI include for html pages

Using Carp to Display Content
Step by step explanation
of how to use Carp to plug in updated website content into your site.

Using Javascript Instead
If you would rather just plug in a javascript code and be done with it, go here to and put this address  into their box that says "Enter the web address of the RSS Feed".  Make the settings the way you want and click generate JS. It will automatically create a javascript code you can put on your website that will showcase tv and entertainment stories from

The Benefits of Using Carp versus Javascript
Be aware that search engines can't see anything that is within javascript so although your visitors will be able to see it, Google, Yahoo, and MSN won't. If you use the Carp script, search engines can read the text, and thus it will give more keywords for the search engines to index your site under.

other good references on the RSS subject

RSS Tools

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