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Miami Vice


Did you know that Holloway is from Georgia? 

Did you also know that Don Johnson got his career started off on the by starring in a movie called "Return to Macon County" a movie located in Georgia?

Lost Gossip 
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Now remember this is all just gossip. There may or may not be a shred of truth to any of what your about to read, but here goes.

Everybody knows that Josh Holloway is the bad dude on Lost known as Sawyer or as Locke keeps calling him James.

Now why is he suddenly being called Locke on Lost.  Could it be a reference to his remarkable resemblance to another famous TV character, James Sonny Crockett? I ought to know, I grew up watching Miami Vice over and over and over and over again thanks to the neat invention called a VCR. Wow! Now that was a remarkable technological advance we had in the 80's.

stars-lookalike.jpg (62449 bytes)
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Check this image out. how much resemblance is there between Holloway and Johnson. You be the judge. brings you fair and balanced coverage of everything TV related. Balanced doesn't necessarily mean sane does it?

What's this Don Johnson showing up at an awards ceremony with the cast of Lost? Could this be proof that he and Josh Holloway are related? Notice Locke is looking at Don. Maybe this is where he got the idea of the James reference.

According to everything I've read on these two, Don Johnson and Josh Holloway are not related. How then do they look so much alike? Is Sawyer purposely trying to look like Don Johnson? Is he a Miami Vice fan too? Is he being called James for a reason? Are the people at ABC's Lost going to surprise us by having Don Johnson appear on Lost as Sawyer's father? This could be a bigger moment than when Darth Vader confessed to being Luke's father on Star Wars, except of course Don Johnson couldn't possibly play a character as evil as Vader. He's always the good guy.

I wonder just how would Sawyer take it? He's such a calm friendly sort of guy. Surely he would welcome his father with open arms.

Standing on a beach doing the cool guy look for the cameras. Like father like son?!?

Next we'll be looking at the possible connection between Kid Rock and Josh. Look at the resemblance it's uncanny is it not? Could they be brothers?