Top 10 Family Friendly Television Show DVD Sets


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Here's my take on the best of the best family friendly TV DVD sets. These shows are compiled based on family friendliness, content, and over all entertainment value. It doesn't do any good to have a family friendly show that is as boring as watching paint dry. The point being these are great series to sit down and watch together as a family. Sure, Jr. has his own TV in his room, but wouldn't it be nice for everyone in the family to experience the same thing together. It might even improve communication in the home if everyone has something they can all relate to. Skip to the Top 5.
Discuss your picks or my picks on the message board. 

10. Green Acres
Probably one of my favorite classic TV shows of all time. It's great for kids too. It's the kind of humor adults and kids can laugh at, at the same time. You have to admire Oliver Wendell Douglas and his daily warfare in Hooterville against the insanity of his fellow citizens. It's not that he's smarter because he's from the city, it's that the whole world is nuts and he's the only sane man in the world.

 You've probably felt that way yourself sometimes, so maybe you can relate. Green Acres is filled with off the wall comedy like the fact the second smartest person, besides Lisa Douglas, is Arnold the pig. Arnold spends most of his time watching TV on the farm and getting spoiled by the farmer Mr. Ziffel. In reality Arnold got more fan mail than any other member of the cast. Believe it or not! Of course you can't forget Mr. Haney the town salesman. He's almost as bad as a car salesman. The show is a spin-off of Petticoat Junction and features most of the cast at least one time or another. You'll hear a lot of references to the Beverly Hillbillies too.  In fact, Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies actually appeared in at least one episode of Petticoat Junction.

9. TwilightZone
Ok, you might say this doesn't sound like a family friendly show. This is a sci-fi show. It's downright scary sometimes. True, but this is some of the best television ever made. Give your kids some intelligent entertainment to balance out all the mind numbing junk they've grown accustomed to. The show relies on great acting and excellent story telling to create a sense of shock and suspense.  No cursing, or blood and guts needed to scare the living daylights out of you.

Of course every episode doesn't deal with just scary subjects, but the way the series grabs you and doesn't let go is scary in itself. The Twilight Zone goes from one end of the spectrum to the other with scary weird westerns, time travel, and even comedy. Be warned though, repeated exposure to quality programming may cause your kids to begin to act intelligently. The entire series has just been released in one collection, if you would like to buy the whole series from Amazon. It's a little cheaper that way in the long run.

8. F-Troop
This is the funniest clean show you'll ever watch. It really shows that clean humor can actually be a whole lot funnier than your usual mindless shock humor. Western fans will love this show. Kids will love the slapstick. My kid laughs every single time the watch tower gets blown down.  The first season doesn't include any extras, but the quality of the film is excellent except for maybe one episode so far.

I just bought this set a few weeks ago and already we are almost at the end. There are 34 half hour episodes in the first season set. Each show is a treat to watch.  My favorite scenes involve the Hekawi Indians. Frank DeKova played the peace loving Indian Chief, Wild Eagle, and made him the most likeable funny character you'll ever see on the small screen.  Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch (SGT O'Rourke & Corporal Agarn) are always fun to watch. Growing up, it seemed that these two always appeared to show up together on TV, even after F-Troop went off the air. They starred together on their own Saturday morning TV show called Ghostbusters back in the 70's. Of course Ken Berry (Captain Parmenter) went on to Mayberry RFD, and Mama's Family.

Only one thing keeps F-Troop from even being higher. Following strict guidelines here I have to ding them for excessive drinking. O'Rourke does own a saloon, which is part of the plot - keep O'Rourke enterprises profitable while keeping out of trouble with the Captain.

Who wouldn't love to watch the Sinclair Dinosaur family. This show is hilarious and very family friendly. It's kind of like the Flintstones with Dinosaurs as the family instead of people. Ok, it's guys in a dinosaur costume, but they seem so real. Got to love the "Baby" with his "Not the Mama" routine. It's the worth the price of this DVD set to see Earl get hit on the head.

6.Malcolm in the Middle
This is the most dysfunctional family in the history of television, but they remain just that a family. No matter how screwed up things get. The dad, although he is played off as an idiot, loves his wife and his kids no matter what comes their way.  The mother really has to  stay on her toes to keep Malcolm and his brothers from destroying the house, or perhaps even the whole world. These kids are nuts!

This is the newest series to make the list. It pushes the boundaries of good taste at times, but overall I think this one the whole family can enjoy together and laugh a whole lot.

On to the top 5 Most Family Friendly and Exciting Shows of All Time.

Discuss your picks or my picks on the message board.

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