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The Life and Comedy Career of Bob Denver
Bob Denver's TV Shows
Bob had a few other series besides "Gilligan's Island" and the "Many Loves of Dobie Gillis". 

The Good Guys

After Gilligan's Island was canceled Bob went on to play Rufus Butterworth on the 1968 TV series "The Good Guys".  The premise focused on Bert Gramus and Rufus Butterworth, who were childhood chums who decided to pool their savings and purchase a diner. Alan Hale guest starred three times on the series. It just didn't have the ratings so it was canceled after two years.

Dusty's Trail

In 1973 Bob starred with F-Troop's  Forrest Tucker on "Dusty's Trail" a comedy western which has been described as a cross between F-Troop, and Gilligan's Island. Dusty's Trail is available on DVD, believe it or not. 

Apparently, it was also a movie called "The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West". It combined episodes of Dusty's Trail.

During the years 1974 and 1982 had Bob on Gilligan's Island cartoons.

Far Out Space Nuts
"Far Out Space Nuts"  was next for Bob Denver in 1975. A Saturday morning Kroft show featuring two maintenance workers who get lost in space. Like Dusty's trail it was similar in tone to Gilligan's Island. Yet again Bob was lost.

1978 marked the beginning of the Gilligan's Island Reunion Movies.

In the 1980's onward Denver made guest appearances on TV series and TV movies like "High School U.S.A." which starred Michael J. Fox. Of course a lot of them involved Gilligan. In 1988 he revisited his role as Maynard G. Krebs on the TV reunion movie "Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis" .