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Rescue from Gillgan's Island DVD


The Life and Comedy Career of Bob Denver
Gilligan's Island Returns

Gilligan's Island Reunion Movies

After the first cartoon series, it was decided that it was not right to leave the castaways just sitting on the island forever, so a reunion movie was planned.
Gilligan was rescued in 1978. The TV movie was extremely popular. Everyone wanted to see Gilligan and the gang finally get off that island, which they finally did. The only problem was, they were crazy enough to get back in a boat with Gilligan. Thanks to Gilligan's bumbling, they ended up right back on the island at the end of the movie. Tina Louise was the only original cast member who did not appear in the reunion movies.

The next year, the castaways find an old World War II plane on the island and manage to escape again. This time, the Howells use their wealth to turn the island into a resort area. The year 1981 brings the final TV movie, with the Harlem Globetrotters, on Gilligan's Island. As strange as it is for me, the Globetrotters were one of my all time favorites as much as Gilligan, but it didn't seem to be as good as the other two reunion movies. Had this one been more popular, they might have made a series of it.

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Still, Bob Denver's days as Gilligan were not over. He would guest star on several TV shows like Rosanne, the New Gidget, Alf, and Baywatch. In the movie Back to the Beach, starring Frankie and Annette, Bob plays a bartender dressed just like Gilligan who comments he used to know a guy who could build a nuclear
reactor out of a pineapple and a couple of coconuts, but he couldn't build a boat. This movie, by the way, was a classic surfer reunion movie that was made in 1987.

Back to the Beach DVD

Of course, Bob had guest starred in a lot of series over the years, including the Andy Griffith Show, where strangely enough the Skipper, Alan Hale Jr., had also guest starred on a separate episode. Hale wanted Thelma Lou, and Denver wanted to beat up Andy for trying to take his beloved Darlin girl. You remember the Darlin girl from the Darlin clan that always thought Andy was "puurrdy!".

To this day Gilligan's Island is still a part of the television culture.  Even a reality show has been created based on the original called The Real Gilligan's Island where real people compete dressed as castaways on Gilligan type contests.