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Leave it to Beaver  50's -60's Fun Facts

Leave It To Beaver ('57)
Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver 
Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver
Jerry Mathers as "Beaver" Cleaver
Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver
Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell

Leave it To Beaver Timeline
The show runs from 1957 - 1963 becoming a classic still shown in reruns today on TVLand.

1983 a Still the Beaver reunion tv movie debuts. The movie reunites everyone except for Hugh Beaumont who had passed away in 1982 of a heart attack.

In 1985 a new show called Still the Beaver showcased Wally, the Beave, and Eddie all grown up with kids of their own. The show lasted until 1989. 

1997 a big screen Leave it to Beaver movie debuts with a brand new Beaver, Wally, Ward, & June. Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers declined to appear in cameo roles. 

Leave it to Beaver Trivia Facts
Hugh Beaumont held a Master of Theology degree from the University of California and was an ordained minister. Before graduating from California he also attended the University of Chattanooga.

Leave it to Beaver premiered on October 4, 1957 the same day Sputnik I was launched.

The first episode filmed was delayed by network censers because it showed a toilet bowl.

The producers of Leave it to Beaver also produced the Munsters.

The show was originally entitled Wally and the Beaver.

Jerry Mathers was cast as the Beaver when he was eight. He had already appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Tony Dow was cast accidentally, he merely accompanied his friend to auditions but the producers preferred him.

Ken Osmond ( Eddie Haskell ) joined the LAPD in 1970 and was decorated for his valor.

Although one of the most remembered shows of the fifties Beaver never ranked among the top 25 shows in its day.

The Cleavers' address was 211 Pine Street, Mayfield.

The reason Theodore Cleaver was nicknamed "Beaver" was that his brother, Wally, when he was little, could not pronounce "Theodore."

Howard McNear made an appearance on Leave It to Beaver as a barber named,  Andy the Barber. This was in 1958 before he would become Floyd the barber on the Andy Griffith Show a couple of years later in 1961. The episode was entitled, "The Shave" which focused on Walley deciding he was old enough to start shaving.