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Just the Facts, Ma'Am : The Authorized Biography of Jack Webb


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Adam-12 50's -60's Facts

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The place, Los Angeles, city of dreams. The characters, Veteran Patrol Officer Pete Malloy and Officer Jim Reed, from the Los Angeles Police Department. The story, watching two police officers do their duty from the boring hum drum to the exciting police dramas that often unfold in real life. The name of the show,
Dragnet  Emergency

Adam-12 was created and produced by Jack Webb, who was already famous as Sgt. Friday on Dragnet. The show centered on the jobs of the police officers Reed and Malloy and not what was done in their personal lives. You only got to know the characters through how they performed their jobs as police officers. The show originally ran from 1968-1975.You can catch Adam-12 in reruns on Tvland.

trivia : One of the writers of the show was Stephen J. Cannell, the same guy who wrote the A-team, a way different show than Adam-12.

The paramedics from "Emergency!" (1972) sometimes crossed paths with the cops at Rampart Hospital. Emergency was another show created by Jack Webb

Adam-12 cast
Martin Milner .... Officer Peter Joseph 'Pete' Malloy
Kent McCord .... Officer James A. 'Jim' Reed
rest of cast listed alphabetically
William Boyett .... Sergeant MacDonald
Shaaron Claridge .... Dispatcher
Gary Crosby (I) .... Officer Ed Wells
William Elliott (II) .... Officer Grant (1973-1975)
Kristin Harmon .... Mrs. Jean Reed (1974-1975)
Jack Hogan (I) .... Sergeant Miller (1968-1969)
Mikki Jamison .... Mrs. Jean Reed (1969-1970)
Claude Johnson .... Officer Brinkman (1968-69, 1974-75)/Officer Norm Green (1969-71)
William Stevens (III) .... Officer Jerry Walters (1968-1969)
Fred Stromsoe .... Officer Jerry Woods (1972-1975)