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Posted:  26 May 2011 15:22   Last Edited By: Tim
From TV Guide - The dog days of summer are about to get hotter — and a whole lot scarier.

Based on the kitschy 1985 Michael J. Fox big-screen comedy about a pubescent, van-surfing furball, MTV's Teen Wolf remake could have been a total mutt. But thanks to some serious tweaking — and a supernaturally attractive cast — the cable net has unleashed a wolf of a different color.

"They said they wanted to go darker and sexier, so I asked, 'What if we did it like The Lost Boys?" explains executive producer Jeff Davis, who previously cut his teeth as creator of the grisly Criminal Minds. "That was really the paradigm we chose."
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I don't know, sounds interesting, but I'm a little afraid of the type of trashy content MTV is liable to make of it. Still I love monster TV shows as long as they aren't too gory.

The preview looks pretty good.

Only way I'm going to see it though is if they show it online. I don't get MTV.
Posted:  27 May 2011 14:15
That's cool! This was my one of the favorite series from childhood and love to see this again.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 08:06   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
I never watch MTV, but with this show I made an exception. I wasn't expecting it to be very good--I thought it would be like a show like Twilight for teenage girls but it was better than that. I actually enjoyed it. But what can I say I'm a sucker for werewolf shows, or movies for that matter. There hasn't been a werewolf show since "Werewolf" with John J. York and the guy from The Rifleman Chuck Connors. I've only seen the pilot so far and hopefully it will continue to be good.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 16:00   Last Edited By: Tim
I hope I can find it online so I can watch it. I remember watching the Chuck Connors show. It always reminded me of the Incredible Hulk. The only problem it had was each episode was only 30 minutes long. Seemed a little short at least at the time.

On another note, I got the Hip2bfit forum up and running. Haven't had a chance to post a lot yet, but hopefully I can get to it today.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 17:04   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
You can find it at Hulu, Tim. That was how I watched it cause I missed the pilot.

You know a year or so ago they were going to release "Werewolf" on DVD and I had it pre-ordered, and then they announced at the last minute that they weren't going to release it because apparently one of the musicians that did songs on the series refused to allow his music to be on the DVD. That's frustating you know.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 17:25
By the way I registered at the fitness forum this morning under my real name Nick, becuase "Rick Jones" is more of a comic book-oriented name.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 17:38
Cool. I'm going to be posting some stuff on the fitness site this afternoon after lunch.

I'll watch Teen Wolf tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Posted:  09 Jun 2011 15:19
Watched the pilot last night, and it was pretty good. Funny, it was made after an 80's movi,e but although it was almost completely different from  the original, it still felt like something out of the 80's to me which was a good thing. It reminded me of Fright Night. The style was just so 80's plus it had a rock soundtrack the way they used to do movies and TV shows back then. It even looked like they weren't relying on cgi, but more on old fashioned movie effects, and I was pleased at least so far he turned into a wolf man and not just a giant dog the way they do it on most movies these days.
Posted:  09 Jun 2011 16:30   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Well there is a difference between wolfman and werewolf and I would have preferred him to turn into a werewolf. I wondered if that was his full transformation? Anyway I think I'm going to watch the second episode tonight.
Posted:  09 Jun 2011 20:01
Me too. Definitely, nothing else to watch that I haven't seen before.
Posted:  10 Jun 2011 18:17
Nope, during the summer there's hardly anything to watch. Just this one, Covert Affairs, and Doctor Who, at least until Leverage and Warehouse 13 start back. I also plan on watching Alphas and Falling Skies.
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 00:38
I'm going to have to look up Falling Skies. The name sounds interesting.
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 00:54   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
You haven't heard about that one? Its about an alien invasion. Its on TNT. It starts next Sunday.
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 19:14
Oh, yeah I've heard of it. I even posted a couple topics on it here or at I completely forgot. I don't get TNT with no satellite so it's easy to forget. Hope it's on the internet.

Eventually, I may have to get my satellite back. They are going to stop showing USA shows like Burn Notice and Psych on the internet.
Posted:  30 Jul 2011 11:05
pretty good.

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