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Posted:  20 Oct 2010 20:08
Recently, Lee Majors aka the Six Million Dollar Man, aka The Fall Guy, headed toward the Big Apple Con. These days he's reconnecting with his fans because back in the day he was too busy working to get with the fans that much according to the latest issue of Wizard.


I paid my 6 bucks to read what Majors told Wizard, and this is what he had to say about the Six Million Dollar Man craze.

"When your working, you work so long each day every day, and I was actually living at the studio, more or less, five days a week throughout that five year period. I didn't really get out in public much. You never realized how popular shows get until many years later. I know a lot of kids watched, and I used to get cards and letters from parents saying, 'My son tried to jump off the barn and thought he could fly and land properly,' And then I ran into the governor (Arnold) out here and he told me I was the original cyborg."

Well I know I was one of those kids that used to love to watch that show. I never jumped off a barn, but I did run around in slow motion all the time.

He also talked about doing his own stunts which he contributes to a lot of knee and neck problems he has now. He also remembered how he demanded they get a lady love interest in the show which turned into the Bionic Woman. That one went really well with another Bionic show.

His next project is going to be playing in a new Big Valley movie based on his old TV show before the Six Million Dollar Man. This time he's playing the dad, but in the old series I believe the dad was supposed to have been dead.

A side note not mentioned in the article, Lee was on the Human Target last season. Unfortunately, they killed off his character.

Well here's hoping they find a way to bring him back, maybe this time stronger, faster, better than he was before.

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