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Posted:  09 Apr 2008 22:30
I think there should be a topic on this. It IS afterall part of general TV programming. My all time favorite was The Stand. That was made from a book too. i'm beginning to realize that all my favorite MFTVM's have been book adaptations. I'm looking foward to Kim Edwards' book The Memory Keepers Daughter to air on Lifetime this Sunday night. I read the book, thought it was great. Anyone else going to watch? Which are you favorite MFTVM's?
Posted:  10 Apr 2008 14:06
I haven't watched any made for TV movies in a while. The last one I watched was a western mini series the Lonesome Dove prequel.
Posted:  14 Apr 2008 18:48
Besides "Memory Keeper's Daughter" I think the last TV movie I watched was the 3 part series Into the West. I loved it and I loved "Memory Keeper's Daughter." I was suprised by such a great cast!
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 14:15
Into the West that sounds so familiar. I can't remember if I watched that or not. What year did that one come out?
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 15:39   Last Edited By: tvfan
I remember Into the West. It was on TNT right? That was a good miniseries. Seems like it came out a couple of years ago. It was produced by Steven Spielberg. If memory serves me, it had to do with a white family that moves from the East to settle in the West. Its also about Indians and how their way of life was endangered by the white settlers and how the Indians were forced into reservations.
Posted:  18 Apr 2008 14:34
That's it.
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 14:56   Last Edited By: airlinestroot
Is this thread about Telefilms? I have seen a few web series, but not a TV Film.

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