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If you are paying big bills every month for cable or satellite you might want to think about a PC to TV converter so you can watch all  these internet television shows on your TV set. Check out the connections on your TV and computer fist though before purchasing a converter. Newer TV's and computers already come equipped for TV viewing by simply hooking up a cable connection in some cases. Of course that wasn't my case I bought this PC TV Converter. I actually paid more for it at radio shack than what you can get it at amazon. It was like 30 dollars cheaper at amazon. With it I have an resolution of 480i.  Coupled with an HD antenna for local channels I was able to get rid of my costly satellite bills. So now I'll actually be saving a bunch of money every month instead of handing it out to the satellite provider.

Make sure you set your computer screen's resolution to 800 X 600 in order to fit your picture onto the TV properly. One day soon more world sports channels will be available so you don't miss any series , whether you are at Cancun hotels or staying at some Punta Cana resorts. After all what better way to relax than watching your favorite sports team on a channel like ESPN?

List of links to great TV shows you can watch online for free.  Free Kids Cartoon Shows


List of network sites with free online episodes

ABC - Click on the free episodes link.

CBS Now watch new CBS programming online. click on full episodes link once there

CBS Classics - Twilight Zone, Ed Sullivan, Star Trek classics from CBS' past.

Fox appears as though most of their shows are available to view online.

NBC -NBC Network programming

Variety Programming - includes several genres like action, comedy, western etc.
American Free TV - online TV channels
Aol Classic TV - huge list of classic TV shows.
Fancast.com - pretty much all the shows on Hulu, but it's easier to navigate.
Hulu - lots of new shows and old movies.
Marvel Comics superhero shows like X-men.
Retrovision big lists of movies and  TV shows online
veoh.com -TV Shows and Movies - enables you to search several sites at once.

Youtube Shows Section - My favorite is the classic TV section of course but there's also things like news shows, documentaries, etc.

List of cable channels with free online episodes

A&E shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Crime 360, and Paranormal State.
ABC Family
Animal Planet shows with full episodes are marked with a FE.
Biography - watch biographies online
Cartoon Network
Discovery Channel
Disney XD
ESPN360.com watch sporting events from around the world
HGTV Home and Gardens full episodes on home design and landscaping.
History Channel with shows like UFO Hunters, Jurassic Fight Club, and That's Impossible.
Nick - click on the full episodes list, the programming is for kids.
PBS public broadcasting shows
Sleuth Channel detective shows
SyFy click on the full episodes link.
TBS click on full episodes
TNT Network
TVland - Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver etc.
USA Network - Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, etc


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