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Welcome to the famous animal section of tvcrazy. These are animals who may not have only been on television but also been on the big screen as well. Follow the links for famous animal poster, videos, and more from these famous dogs and horses.

Famous Animals

Benji dog
Black Stallion (book and movie horse)
Flash (Dukes of Hazzard) (Roscoe's hound dog)
Flipper (dolphin)
Lassie (collie dog)
Petey (Little Rascals dog)
 Rin Tin Tin (German shepherd dog)
Wishbone Wishbone (educational dog)

Cartoon Animals

Alvin & the chipmunks
Chilly Willy
Felix the Cat
Looney Tunes
Mighty Mouse
Pink Panther
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Scooby Doo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Winnie the Pooh